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  51 months ago

Weekend Opinions Contest - Your Scariest Prank

We think it's always funny to do innocent pranks, but ever so often, and usually during this spook-a-thon time, you can get on the wrong side of the prank. So we're asking you to share with you your scariest prank. What and who scared you the most on Halloween? Did you have a laugh after, or did it make your blood freeze? 

Participating is super easy: Post a comment to this topic which will give you a guaranteed 500 points, plus, the three most interesting opinions (based on our site moderators' opinions) will get 5,000 points.


  51 months ago
I never found pranking somebody funny, sorry, nothing to offer.


  51 months ago
I went to a haunted house, in Niagra Falls Canada, there was heavey breathing behind me the entire time. Someone jumped out dressed as a zombie, and I literally jumped out of my skin. I was so freaked out, I cried, I was in my 30's at the time. I laughed afterwards,when it was finally over.


  51 months ago
When I was young, I went with my girlfriend to an amusement park and we entered the Horror House. It was very dark and we could not see anything. Someone touched my shoulder. I just about fainted. It really spooked me.


  51 months ago
scary shows at night


  51 months ago
Me and my sister were watching Chucky and she became freaked out after. She thought that the porcelain dolls we had in our living room were watching her, so when she went in her room I made sure she heard me go outside. Then I came back in the house quietly and took one of the dolls out of the box and put the doll in front of her door and the empty box back on the shelf. I went back outside again and heard her freak out when she left the room. She wasn't to happy when she found out that it was me but we had a laugh over it later.


  51 months ago
Growing up in a small Ontario town, where everyone knows everyone, the police were always extra vigilant on Devil's Night, which is the night before Halloween, so egging cars or buildings wasn't an option. As a teenager, my friends and I did engage in minor pranking. We toilet papered the iron railings of a church once and left a lighted pumpkin at the entrance to a cemetery; it looked great. Later, we graduated to soaping a few cars, but not in our neighbourhood. As an adult, I learned that our teenage pranks were tame in comparison to the vandalism and arson that happened in Hamilton and Toronto. Oh yes, just to let you know, we never did get caught!


  51 months ago
Usually I'm the one who's getting pranked on.. My daughter and hubby have teamed up many times to give me a jump. (Yet I never see them coming)
The latest scare happened Friday night.. She said her usual goodbye, said she was going out for the night. Nothing was different, she sometimes sleep out on weekends.. but this night she didn't leave right away. Instead, my daughter hides in the closet, knowing I leave at 11pm for work, she patiently waited for me to open that door for my coat and jumped out wearing a Halloween mask (one out of the multiple I had purchased on sale recently)
She screams BOO! and I yell AHH! My hubby walks around the corner cracking up laughing with us.. he was in on it the whole time!!
Soo, because I'm mid thirties and was not expecting that, I peed a little.. a few embarrassing minutes later, with sore ribs and stiff cheeks, my outfit was changed and I was ready to leave again.
That is just one of the many times I've been pranked.
I've had my butt crazy glued to the toilet.. washed my hair with coffee, freaked out because the car had bullet holes through the windshield, only to find out after they were stickers!
It's not everyday but Sometimes I wonder if I'm starting to get too old for it all..


  51 months ago


  51 months ago
I haven't pranked anyone, so cannot say.


  51 months ago
At the beach we yelled shark at night and all the people ran or swam out of the ocean as fast as they could
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