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  13 months ago

July Toluna Movie Club- add review here

Hello Influencers!

You've voted and voted in the past two weeks and we've now got the results! The indie movie up for review this month is


So let the movie club begin!- Rules below:

Here is how to participate and earn up to a total of 6,000 points!

1- Write a review for the selected movie

2- Post the review as a comment in the comment section below.

3- Once you’ve added your review to the topic,  send an email to, to let us know of your participation and we will hastily add  1000 points to your account.*

4- Check out the upcoming Toluna Magazine, May issue and see if you got featured in the pages!- If you got featured you will get an extra 5000 points!

That’s pretty much it- 4 little steps towards becoming a full fledged movie critic.

Let the Movie Club Begin!

*Note- in order to get the points you must submit your review until the 31st of July, 2018, and ensure that your review is your own piece of writing and has at least 200 words. We will not be rewarding any reviews that do not fit the 200 word mark.

The original post about the Toluna Movie Club is available here.


  12 months ago
One of the best Tarantino movies. Having the feeling of always asking what happened, what is the plot of the movie and what would be the ending. This movie is catered to an older crowd, but also appropriate for young adults


  12 months ago
Reservoir Dogs. Wow what a great movie.
First I want to summarize the movie. There are six criminals who are essentially strangers to one another that are hired to carry out a diamond robbery. From the start they are give false names (with colors like Mr. Pink) so that they won't get too close to each other and will focus on the job at hand. The opening scene is the criminals having a discussion about the robbery in a restaurant.
When the robbery takes place the police show up unexpectedly at which point panic spreads among the group of criminals. Two of them are killed in the shootout that occurs during the robbery. The remaining criminals assemble at a rendezvous point at which point they begin to suspect that one of them has betrayed the group.and is an undercover cop.
Quentin Tarantino's film is a master class study that slowly exposes the characters of this group of criminals. The film can be very subtle at times. The film however is extremely violent in its content right from the start. The events of the film are revealed through flashbacks to the robbery and other previous events that have taken place but we are seeing it after the robbery has taken place and they have met at their rendezvous point.
Once the idea has been put into the minds of the audience as to a traitor within the group the audience member is focused on trying to figure out first if this is what happened and second who the traitor is. In this sense it also is a mystery to figure out. I will say that a traitor is revealed in this film but I will go even further than that and say that the whole group had characteristics of being traitors. And being a traitor has it consequences.
The film leaves you mesmorized thinking can people really be this vicious, this cruel, this hardened and based on the story itself the answer is YES.


  12 months ago
It has been years since i watched this movie. When i did watch it it kept. Me wanting more. It had suspence thriller funny scary it had everything that i like to see in movies. The producer or writer has a twisted way of thinking but i guess so do i cause i enjoyed it. The charectors this movie couldnt have been played by anyone but who was in it. And very well produced and played. I wish there was a second movie to go with. It was fun and twisted


  13 months ago
I have just finished watching Reservoir Dogs for the very first time ever. This one time was one time too many. The story has no surmounting plot to peak our interest and hold it. The characters have no building traits to get us involved or closer to their personalities. The use of profanity and violence does nothing to support the story, except render scenes more intense or frightening, which I believe is what Tarentino was aiming for. The non-linear time line is easy to follow but there simply isn’t much depth in the whole story to start with. I found myself cringing and looking away as any normal human would when blood is gushing every which way and we believe we are about to see a human burned alive. Despite the characters being simple street thugs, the actors were convincing in their roles. Simply don’t waste your time watching this movie. You would be more filled with empathy and interest watching the local news where real stories are happening in your very own city. It was a good try Tarentino, but the world doesn’t need more stories of violence when he we are facing true stories of shootings in school sand random acts of terrorism that kill hundreds of innocent victims.


  13 months ago
never seen the movie reservoir dogs before toluna had us write a review for it. didnt think it was gonna be a movie that i enjoyed very much. started watching it and it seemed interesting right from the beginning.thought it was gonna take awhile for the action to start but got into it very quickly.thought it was interesting how most of the movie was set in a deserted room instead out on the streets where they were criminals.liked how they showed each mans pass so you can figure out who was the rat amoung them or if it was even was one of them. liked the actors they had for the movie could of picked anybodies but actually picked seen/popular faces. lil confusing on the names where they had colours for names to protect their identity, didnt know who was killed or hurt right away but after awhile figured it out. really thought mr.white was gonna be the main criminal,smart, but was shocked to find out he was one that was mistaken about being the undercover cop. didnt think was gonna be the one that got away with the goods but makes since since he kept telling the others to work professionally . overall a real good movie, alot of detail and action. liked alot, really recommend watching.


  13 months ago
RESERVOIR DOGS was a great movie, at 90's icon, in Tarantino's beginin. This film came two years before Pulp Fiction, but five after his first job as a feature film director: My Best Friend's Birthday, which by the way was never completed but which served as the basis for the film Amor a quemarropa. Although it was still far from the success that the critics gave to Pulp Fiction, the work of Reservoir Dogs made studios and producers look at the then young director, so given to provoke with the word as with the image. And he did it with a rather simple premise.
This starring Harvey Keitel, Tim Roth, Chris Penn, Steve Buscemi, Lawrence Tierney and Michael Madsen. Tarantino's performance is of lesser importance, as is that of the ex-convict writer, Eddie Bunker. Reservoir Dogs incorporates many themes and aesthetics that would be transformed and made known as Tarantino's own labels, as director and screenwriter.
Six professional criminals are hired by Joe Cabot and his son Nice Guy Eddie for a job. They do not know each other and remain anonymous, hidden under the names of colors: Mr. Naranja, Mr. Blanco, Mr. Rosa, Mr. Rubio, Mr. Brown and Mr. Blue. Stratagem that was previously used in Pelham 1 2 3. Meticulously prepare the robbery to a diamond store, but the police appears unexpectedly at the time of the robbery turning it into a massacre that results in the deaths of some police officers, employees and also the Mr. Blue and Mr. Brown. Something make us suspect that there's a infiltrated traitor. Gathered behind closed doors in an old abandoned warehouse, the survivors confront each other trying to discover who has led them to this extreme situation.


  13 months ago
One of the best Tarantino movies. Having the feeling of always asking what happened, what is the plot of the movie and what would be the ending. This movie is catered to an older crowd, but also appropriate for young adults.


  13 months ago
good movie would watch it again good actors and directing


  13 months ago
Talented actors, great screenplay and the best Tarantino Film in my opinion.


  13 months ago
This was a pretty good movie back in the day. I remember having to rent this at the video store as it did not play in the theatre of the small town that I grew up in. Quinton Tarantino was at his finest when he directed and wrote this and although it was incredibly violent it never seemed to bother me. The premise was cool and I believe he was one of the first or maybe it was a first for me to tell the story sort of backwards with this frantic beginning and then going back and giving us the rest of the story. It also has one of the coolest scenes when Mr Black I think was dancing around listening to stuck in the middle with you while cutting of the ear or ears of a police officer while his fellow companions watched and some bled out. I did not think the ending was too predictable but at the same time it wasn't that hard to figure out but it was still very enjoyable. I have since watched the movie a few times and caught it on tv as well when it has been on. Overall I think it still stands up to some of the more modern movies in its genre. I would recommend this movie to an older crowd as I'm not sure the language and the violence are suitable for an under 18 crowd.
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