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  3 months ago

Toluna Movie Club - September Movie Reviews Here

Hello Influencers!

You’ve voted and voted in the past two weeks and we’ve now got the results! The movie up for review this month is


Here is how to participate and earn up to a total of 6,000 points!

1- Write a review for the selected movie

2- Post the review in a comment to this topic

3- Once you’ve added your review to the topic, send an email to, to let us know of your participation and we will hastily add 1000 points to your account.*

4- Check out the upcoming Toluna Magazine, October issue and see if you got featured in the pages!- If you got featured you will get an extra 5000 points!

That’s pretty much it- 4 little steps towards becoming a full fledged movie critic.

Let the Movie Club Begin!

*Note- in order to get the points you must submit your review until the 30th of September, 2018, and ensure that your review is your own piece of writing and has at least 200 words. We will not be rewarding any reviews that do not fit the 200 word mark.


  2 months ago
I had never thought of watching a cartoon movie (oops I meant a fantasy animation romance) released by Walt Disney Pictures. In my little mind Beauty and the Beast was for children so I had to bribe my four year old granddaughter to sit still long enough to watch this tripe and stay awake long enough to take note of her reactions.
After about an hour I thought she had had enough, because she got up and picked up her favourite doll and started dancing to the music. I have to admit that that the story is the typical 'prince turned into a frog until kissed by a princess' but with a twist. The prince has to earn his magical release from ugliness instead of the usual aristocratic ponce privilege.
This American movie was released in 1991 and co-directed by Gary Trousdale and Kirk Wise. I enjoyed the music and the singing and I was pleased that the wonderful animation was more perfect than real life, keeping my granddaughter happy. She understood that the nasty handsome prince had to learn how to be kind because she said "The people are candles and they have to wait for the monster to be good". Bad behavior has it's consequences. A good lesson in life we could heed.
Beauty and the Beast is a clever movie enhanced by gorgeous fashions and catchy tunes that only Disney could pull together to make it a classic. I recommend watching this movie with a child. His or her delight can make even a cynic like me smile.


  2 months ago
Beauty and the Beast is my favorite Disney movie . My first video of it is on a VHS tape
Do you remember VCR days ? Such an enchanting film. I almost forget it is animated when I watch it . Beauty and the Beast comes to life in this movie . The romance is warm and sweet. The music is catchy. Who doesn't find themselves singing along .The waltz with those two falling in love is heartwarming. It is cute how the objects are so life-like help these two fall in love .Did enjoy the candle with an accent and of course Mrs Pots. It is sweet it is humorous and all with enchanting love and romance . The Beast of course has a magical mirror Who would love to look in a mirror and know what is going on in the world ? Cinderella went to a ball but in Beauty and the beast its is a cathedral. Cinderella had a prince but Belle teaches us beauty is only skin deep . The prince has an evil spell cast on him and now has been turned into an ugly beast.He had been a rather rude person and this spell was to teach him a lesson . However I do not see that as the moral or lesson. The lesson is on love .He has to learn to love find out how to truly love. Isn't that true love? it is with the heart. Too much focus today is on looks and beauty Everyone is seeking perfection and filtered selfies. Here we have an example of love and beauty as being skin deep. My mother used to teach me that as a very young girl. And true love really does come unexpectedly. It is not about money or a prestigious job It is about being a good kind loving person . Your partner should be your best friend . One who makes you laugh and brightens your day. Money does not buy happiness .In the end Belle marries the Beast and the next day he turns into the Prince of her dreams. I wish he would have remained the beast but that is not how Disney wanted the ending. It is the kind of movie I enjoy now watching with my grandchildren .I watched it with my kids and it never grows old.


  2 months ago
Peter pan a great and magical movie


  2 months ago
I don’t watch television


  2 months ago
No thanks


  2 months ago
Beauty and the Beast is a Disney Classic. Filled with wonderful music that reaches down into your inner soul, beautiful animation and plenty of attention to detail in all the characters. It gives a strong message that in order to know a person you cant just look at the surface of them but you have to look deep within them in order to understand true love.


  2 months ago
Beauty and the Beast is one of my all time favourite Disney Movie! It truly is a classic tale. I like that the movie shows that looks truly don't matter when it comes to love. The music is amazing in the movie, and are very catchy! The characters are adorable. All around a great movie to see not only for children but adults too.


  2 months ago
Haven’t watched movies yet and not sure when I’m going to


  2 months ago
the film the beauty and the beast is a magnificent film filled with magic and humor, the dresses that wear belle are splendid, the song that sings Gaston is really very beautiful and humorous


  2 months ago
the film the beautiful and the beast is a magnificent film filled with magic and humor, the dresses that wear beautiful are splendid, the song that sings Gaston is really very beautiful and humorous
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