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  8 months ago

*Surprise Contest* Celebrate National Pink Day

Pink Day was established in 2007 after a pair of students, David Shepherd and Travis Price, saw one of their fellow students at Central Kings Rural High School being bullied for no other reason than that they were wearing a pink shirt.

They started Pink Day - to get everyone to take a stand against bullying and have everyone at their school wear pink the next day.

Since then, every February 27th has officially been pink day, to spread understanding and fight to end bullying.

In honor of this holiday, we are having a surprise content contest!


1. Create a Topic between February 26 - February 28
2. Topic must be about Bullying
3. Topic title must include the word "bullying"

Everyone who participates will earn 500 points.

**Only one topic will be awarded per person, but if you would like to enter more than one that is your decision. We want to hear everyone's thoughts and opinions on bullying! Points will be rewarded by March 10, 2019 - US and CA only.


  8 months ago


  8 months ago
Bullying isn't just picking at a certain person. It can be done online,2ork place. My step-brother was bullied at his work place. They decided to test the new guy by backing him into a corner while someone was on a forklift. He was yelling for them to cut it out. The forklift was raised with products on it.


  8 months ago
its time we put an end to bullying now


  8 months ago
well done


  8 months ago
wished I had of seen this on time but in any case I'm wondering why it's still in the heading with the bell showing to do it? just wondering. wished also that I had worn a pink shirt that day :(


  8 months ago
Bullying is a constant issue and encourage to continue everything we can including pink shirt day so maybe we can stop most of the bullying


  8 months ago
It's amazing that in today's world we still haven't learned the lesson of Love thy neighbour as thyself. We talk about how we are accepting of others but bullying is still prevalent today worse now than ever before. Just once I would like to see a day where everyone just accepts each other with all his/ her shortcomings without trying to be demeaning or cruel. What a day that would be. Then bullying would be obsolete.


  8 months ago
Bullying is a progressive issue and it continues to become more widespread every year. I think it pertains to one's own insecurities but is also encouraged by others who can see the need for social acceptance in a person thereby making it easy for them to also influence a weaker person into committing an act on another by leading them to believe it will make them more acceptable to other groups.


  8 months ago
Bullying comes from people that 1. don't have all the information , 2 is very unhappy, insecure or just negative about their own lives they want someone else to have it worse 3. a bullier has suffered abuse, trauma in their own lives. I've experienced bullying as a child - I was a quiet kid - an easy target. Often people that bully are looking for others to support them (become a gang/group) so they look stronger and popular. People that bully others are cowards as if they are laughed at or shut down, they whimper away. More people need to stand for others when others are too upset or weak in the moment to stand up. It need to be shut down quickly to not evolve into a much deeper society issue. I worry for my son with a disability and know there will be many bullies and I hope he has friends close that will jump in and care.


  8 months ago
Hopefully my take on bullying will help me win those 500 Toluna points - yea Toluna Surveys!!!!! Thank God I did not live through most of the scenarios that I will be describing - I'm a fery happy and lucky widow living in a seniors'residence in my dream retirement and receiving an over abundance of love and taking care of from my children and family and friends!!! So, here is my philosophy on bullying: Bullying, unfortunately, starts from the day you are born and you wonder why bullies exist in every generation... Your parents bully you under the impression that they are teaching you. Your siblings bully you for the things you have and even for the love you are receiving from those whom you want to be loved by. Then your friends, classmates bully you because of your intelligence or lack there of. Or, because you have your eyes on the girl/boy you want. Or, for your situation in society - poor, regular or rich and super rich. Then comes marriage and the people who crave your spouse, bully you in a way that your marriage falls apart and they swoop in to pick up the pieces and become the savior for the spouse he/she wants! Then comes the working world which, if you are healthy enough to survive, you will go through 20-55 years of more bullying from people who want your job, your salary, your possessions. Then comes retirement, if your healthy you can still live in your home that you worked decades to own but then here come the bullies, usually family who want their inheritance before you die, who try to persuade to sell it to them. THEY "know" that you're too old to manage the house and they know that they can resell it for three times as much as they paid you! So, that's the bad side of life but, the true good side of living is that God made good, loving, caring people as well as the bullies. Enjoy life to the fullest and ignore the bullies, you'll be healthier and live longer and happier. I thank God every morning and night for my life and precious loved ones. Oh my! Once I start writing, it just flows heh-heh-heh
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