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  2 months ago

Interested in a weekend contest?

Did you play a sport when you were younger? Or do you enjoy any sports now? If so, tell us a memory and what sport you played on this post. The best responses will get 1,000 points and be featured in our June magazine.


  1 month ago
I use to do all sorts of sports. I competed in downhill skiing and swimming, played softball, soccer, and took "English Style", riding lessons.
I did jump, once when I was riding, but I was so afraid that I got into the proper "posting trot" and I closed my eyes, not sure I was going to make it over the jump..... alive. I was given the hardest horse in the barn to handle.
I survived, and I wanted to do it again, but this time with my eyes open, and the instructor wouldn't let me. I was so mad! I did learn a lesson that day though, if your going to do something fun and scary, at the same time, for crying out loud, to keep my eyes open!
Now over 30 years later, I wouldn't try it, only because the thought of using those muscles would involve a lot of "Ben Gay".


  2 months ago
When I was in High School I used to compete in swimming,which I love to do. My mom had us all swimming before we could walk and it has always been something I enjoy and love doing.The water seems like home to me. :)


  2 months ago
Thank you Toluna!!


  2 months ago
Thank you !


  2 months ago
Thank you!


  2 months ago
Thanks all for sharing!! Congrats to denise53, pinapower, peclement2, dccarter51, surveytaker13, confessedfoodie, atlanta01 and BigOreo!


  2 months ago
Since the term "sport" has been redefined by society, virtually anything can now be considered a "sport".
That being said, when I was young I was not interested in traditional sports and continued to get injured any time I participated in one.
I chose to spend my free time engaged in activities that exercised my mind more than my body (I got plenty of the latter on the farm) so my favorite activity was playing chess.
I joined the chess club at school and got to take trips all over to compete with other teens.
I recall one of my mentors a couple of years ahead of me would routinely play ten opponents at once and only rarely ever lost any of the games.
I was not nearly as talented but definitely won more games than I lost.
I encourage anyone is school to take part in the activities offered, whether traditional sports, mentally challenging, or artistic expression and don't worry so much about what others think.
One thing I learned over the years is that we spend too much time worrying about what others think when in fact, they really don't.
Most people are too absorbed with their own lives to care about yours.
Don't worry if someone likes your picture, comment, or post and get on with what you love doing for your own sake.
Enjoy life


  2 months ago
The sport I enjoyed when I was younger was jogging. I would be the first one out of bed in the very early morning hours. When I started out on my jog there were only critters that were up so early. We lived on a mountain side and I could run along the train tracks, onto a public beach that wrapped around another mountain shore across from where we lived. Critters I came across were extensive from the odd bear and deer, lots of different types of birds like geese and ducks, and rodents. As I crossed one bridge one duck was swimming below the surface of the water and when I saw it, not knowing what it was, I thought I would never swim in the lake again. Soon that duck surfaced and I was relieved what I saw was only a duck. The only other people around that early in the morning was the odd train conductor, sometimes they would blow the train horn as I got closer. I would jog all year round in rain, sun or snow. The beauty of this area helped me to develop as a competent jogger, I never would have imagined being proficient at running but the lake and mountain view was worth those early morning hours. As I came closer to the mountain where we lived on my way back, still no one was stirring in the home I lived in back then. Not allowed to drink milk from early childhood, I made sure I enjoyed the largest glass of chocolate milk before anyone got out of bed. My love of jogging/running lasted for decades no matter where I moved to.


  2 months ago
My sport to play when young were Softball and Volleyball,I did swim a lot but not to complete in it and Fishing with my Dad comes to mind does that count?


  2 months ago
I played baseball
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