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  5 months ago

Appointment reminders

When I schedule appointments, I always ask, “Please don’t call me the day before, to remind me.”

Sure enough, some receptionists ignore this request. At the time of their lapse, I remind them again as politely as I can. Sometimes I don’t have patience with having to repeat my request, if say it is the third time they are calling about various appointments.

When I call to book the appointment, they will give me a time that is convenient for the office like 8 am. However, I usually request around 11 am. I don’t like sleeping in, I just have my own schedule. I suggest to anyone give them the time you want to be there, period.

How about you, do you even want to be reminded of your appointments the day before?


  4 months ago
No, I write all important appointments on my calendar on the wall next to the breakfast table so I see them everyday. Reply


  4 months ago
Yes! I tend to forget a lot of stuff
That call really helps me be more organized and forget less


  4 months ago
As strange as this may sound, for years I used a day planner to record and keep track of all my appointments.
When I bought my first smart phone it included a calendar app which allowed my to record my appointments in it and they would pop up as I set it to.
When I make appointments I let the other party that I am putting it in my phone so I don't need a reminder from them.
I understand that not everyone takes the time to keep track of their appointments and companies might lose money when clients fail to show up however, as I mention to them, the first time I fail to show up on time for an appointment they will be free to add me to their list of people to call and remind about their appointments.
Until then, trust me to do the right thing and be there on time.
If they fail to honor my request, they are showing me disrespect.
I generally don't get offended by their actions but I do let them know that their actions are not appreciated or warranted.
I absolutely appreciate the idea that others get annoyed by the number of phone calls and letters they receive reminding them of upcoming appointments.
When I get a phone call I generally believe it is important or the other person would not be wasting my time.
I often run to answer it because I am not a huge fan of voicemail (however I do use it).
When I find my phone and answer it and it is someone letting me know that the appointment that I told them was recorded in my calendar is still on for the time and location that we already agreed to, I get annoyed.
Don't waste my time.
Thanks for reminding anyone who might be doing call backs that some people don't want them and they should check the file to see if a note was made before picking up the phone.


  5 months ago
My goodness aren't we so important that offices MUST treat me differently than everyone else and NOT remind me about an appointment. Gee, must be tough accepting a call or e-mail to remind you.
Maybe when my sense of self-importance reaches astronomical heights, I'll think like you. But until then, I will POLITELY tell whoever is reminding me, "Thanks, I'll see you tomorrow."


  5 months ago
I use my online calendar and add reminders for appointments so that I don't forget. I don't mind getting a call/text for an appointment that was made 6-12 months in advance. I do let various organizations that I have standing appointments with that I don't need the phone call reminder but if they have text message reminders, that I don't mind those reminders. Occasionally I will get a phone reminder and I let it go. Reply


  5 months ago
Yes Reply


  5 months ago
I don't need reminders and inform those that need to be told not to call me. Most adhere to that, but occasionally there are slip ups. Then I make sure it gets corrected. Reply


  5 months ago
I record my appointments in my calander. I have the option of asking for a reminder from my dr, but don,t use it. My denist and foot dr always calls to remind me. Reply


  5 months ago
Doesn't bother me, they will probably call tomorrow to remind me of my appointment Monday! Reply


  5 months ago
I do have my appointments written down in a schedule book. Although, I don't mind receiving a reminder call Reply
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