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  10 months ago

JEEPNEY/BUS STOP: Is it properly utilized in your area?

In other countries, Bus Stop's are being utilized efficiently, a commuter can't just wave his/her hand anywhere he/she wants to, to make any public transportation such as a Bus to stop and take on a ride.

There are appropriate locations or areas that are designated for us commuters to go to, to patiently wait, if we do want to properly take on a public transportation. I remembered a specific photo of a bus stop in Japan wherein people unwaveringly fall inline and manifest great discipline and patience on a designated Bus Stop.

Usually there are definitive signs and symbols that says "Bus Stop". We can easily recognized a Bus Stop shed on a street or side walk and also find other commuters patiently waiting under the shed.

On the other hand, there's an available mass public transportation terminals designated especially for longer trips going to the countryside or province.

I've learned already that there are certain cities in the country that properly utilizes Bus Stops.

Areas in Makati City and Bonifacio Global City does have these efficient system ongoing. I believe that having a Jeepney/Bus Stops system could positively promote discipline, coordination, and positively organizes us commuters.

Although we all know that there are still cities that don't follow or utilize the Jeepney/Bus Stop system. Everyone can wave any public transportation anywhere for it to stop. Sometimes even in areas where it can obstruct the flow of traffic. Have you also noticed these things?

I do hope that someday, if possible all cities does have these Jeepney/Bus Stop system to be utilized and follow, for it would be beneficial for both commuters and drivers. It also promotes discipline and coordination for all. :)

" Every Good Citizen Adds To The Strength Of The Nation"---- Gordon B. Hinckley

But, what about you? Would you also like to have an efficient Jeepney/ Bus Stop system?

Feel free to share your thoughts, experiences, ideas and opinions about the topic.

Photo credits to: panaynews and steemit

Thanks for sharing! :)


  10 months ago
Bus stops yes but jeepneys no. Jeepneys tend to pick up and drop passengers anywhere that they want to. Reply


  10 months ago
I think it would be great for everyone’s safety and if it’s properly implemented. In my area, there’s an E-sakay and people are forced to go to the bus stop/jeepney stop for pickup and drop off because they aren’t allowed to stop anywhere. Reply


  10 months ago
the problem sometimes is with the commuters' lack of discipline. And also, the misplaced bus/jeepney stations designed to benefit the mall owners rather than the commuters. Reply


  10 months ago
No Reply


  10 months ago
Yes Reply


  10 months ago
Yes.... Reply


  10 months ago
Yes, much better to have bus stop and Jeepney stop to avoid accident kasi kahit hindi pwede babaan pinapayagan pa rin kahit hindi safe kaya mostly nangyayari mga aksidente. At sa drivers and passengers be responsible naman, sundin na lg mga guidelines para maging matiwasay ang pag byahe. Reply


  10 months ago
For bus, yes...but for some jeepneys, never mind Ruby! Hahaha..hindi lang drivers, pati pasahero ang tigas ng mga ulo! Minsan yong ibang pasahero, kung sino pang mali, sya pa ang loading/unloading of passengers na nga nakalagay pero ang ibang pasahero nagagalit pag di agad nakahinto so manong! Reply


  10 months ago
Yes but sometimes, others don't follow it. Fortunately, most drivers follow such designated stops Reply


  10 months ago
no, even if there were proper jeepney and bus stop, people don't follow it, drivers don't follow it, why because Filipino likes to do things their own way, unless people are properly disciplined. Reply

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