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  10 months ago

What is going on in Hong Kong | Protests, Chaos and Airport Shutdown

Since June, the people of Hong Kong have been out on the streets, with millions gathering to protest a deeply unpopular extradition bill that they want to be withdrawn.

It all started following a murder case in Taiwan, where the suspect killed his pregnant girlfriend before fleeing to Hong Kong. Due to a lack of agreement between Taiwan and Hong Kong, authorities couldn’t charge him for the murder. Which brings us back to this bill, which would allow authorities to detain and deport people who are wanted in territories where Hong Kong doesn’t have extradition agreements with, such as Taiwan or China.

However, it’s not just this bill which is sparking all the protestors' discontent, it’s about Hong Kong’s status and how much power China has over it. Despite Hong Kong technically being part of China, it operates as a semi-autonomous region, with a lot more freedom than China.

These protests serve to fight for and preserve this freedom if Hong Kong were to be threatened by more power from China. Over the course of these several weeks, the city has come to a standstill, protests have gone from weekly to almost daily, and from peaceful to violent. Moreover, protests at the airport are forcing authorities to cancel all flights departing from Hong Kong which has a direct impact on business travel and tourism in Hong Kong and its surrounding areas.

What is your stance on the situation?

Do you think the protestors went too far?

How do you think it will impact you?

Tell us in the comments below!

Influence your world,

Toluna Team


  10 months ago
One cannot blame them for starting protesting actions, we as country might have felt the same way if we were in their shoes. But violence does not resolve any problem. They should raise their unhappiness with their government, how else will they get them to listen?


  10 months ago
The protests are for a reason, it is affecting the business travel and tourism of Hong Kong....sometimes taking action like this may get attention from the Government and the matter may be resolved.


  10 months ago
People say South Africa is bad - but this is clearly happening everywhere.....


  10 months ago
The protesters are protesting for a good cause, therefore I support that at times you have to do things like these to receive feedback or attention from the government, otherwise your complaints go unnoticed.


  10 months ago
Its not supposed to stop until they do something about the agreements.
It would impacts me and my country a lot.


  10 months ago
They fighting for their livelihood its more than just disgruntling people


  10 months ago
I'm not sure how this will impact us. I also need to find out more so I can take a more informed stance regarding the matter.


  10 months ago
The protesters went too far. This is affecting the flow of the country especially if flights have to be cancelled. Also tourist would not want to visit a country where there is a protest, they are concerned about their safety.


  10 months ago
As long it is not violence it is not a problem. But to cancel flights that is a problem. Every country need tourist for money to come in the land. So it is gone hurt them.


  10 months ago
My stance: neutral.
Protesters: they doing what they feel is the only means to make a point
Impact on me: Nothing
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