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  2 months ago

Did you hear about the RCMP raid on the couple growing 3 legal cannabis plants in their backyard?

Premier John Horgan needs to fix BC's Cannabis Control Act or this will happen again and again.

It happened last week in Revelstoke. There's a community event where local artists display their art in family gardens. A police officer on the tour saw three legal cannabis in a backyard and decided to launch a raid.

Here's a great story from Revelstoke news.

Many people don't know that BC is the only province where it is forbidden to allow your legal cannabis plants to be seen from a "public place."

Because they let people into their garden for a community event, RCMP decided this made their backyard a "public place." Officers got a warrant and a few days later five police entered their home while the couple was gone and did a thorough two-hour search of everything.

The three legal plants were chopped down and RCMP told the media they thought charges were likely.

There's been a huge backlash since this happened. But it's important to direct our outrage in the right direction.

While the local RCMP should have shown discretion, the root problem here is the law written by the BC NDP which says you can get 3 months in jail for allowing a legal cannabis plant to be seen from a public place.

Please call Premier John Horgan's office and leave a polite message that BC's Cannabis Control Act needs to be fixed. I'm aiming to get 100 calls to his office this weekend. Will you add your voice?


You can also send him an email to

Tell the Premier that cannabis is beautiful, and there is no harm in someone seeing a cannabis plant in your window or on your porch.

This law is just stigmatizing cannabis and making it harder for people to grow their own supply.

Thank you for helping out. We need to fix BC's Cannabis Control Act before more people get busted for legal plants!

Take care. I hope you have a great weekend!

Dana Larsen
Director, Sensible BC

PS: Don't delay, call Premier Horgan today! Let's get his phone ringing off the hook!

(If his voicemail is full, please try calling him again on Monday.)

This law is silly! Sometimes you just have to pick a location and if people can see it, too bad! Cannabis is medicine for some people!


  18 days ago
Why is it legal, if the police still conducting raids Reply


  2 months ago
What a stupid law! In NWT, we can have 4 plants... Reply


  2 months ago
green Reply


  2 months ago
Oh wow Police bored lol Reply

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