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  15 months ago

Back to Basic
Photo credit : Decoist
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Can you live a life without using modern technology?

In our community modern technology serves a big part to our daily lives and it means different things to different people.
Almost every family owns a computer, laptop, smartphone, tablet, television etc. to makes life comfortable. In today’s world a lot of us embrace modern advancements to efficiently makes the world function.But did you know that technology is a silent killer...
while it lightened our work , it slowly produces radiation to our surrounding , to us users , it can harm us unnoticeable . It can affect users' mental health, violent games and videos kill empathy and bring destruction into individual’s life.The use of technology can also affect our physical health causing vision problems, hearing loss, and neck strain.Our social skill also affected by this modern advancement because it replace our real life interaction to people around us, staring at the device screen and talking to people onscreen lose our ability to naturally charm and bond in a unique way.It lessen our time to earn precious memory by interacting to people that are dear to us the most.
In school tech involvement doesn’t always guarantee the quality of education.Children sometimes overuse it and most of the time kids always use "copy paste" method to immediately finish a project without understanding.

I our home I limit my kids usage of gadgets.I give them 2 hours in the morning and 2 hours in the evening of playing time in any gadget.And I do not frequently use appliances like microwave to reheat food to avoid radiation.I turn my cellphone in airplane mode at night and I use texting more often than call as some experts recommend.

We cannot avoid technology because it is a big part of our world today but make it a habit to minimize the used of it sometimes.
Release ourselves to the environment to inhale the air and see the beauty of our surrounding and the people around us...

Let us go back to basics where life is very simple...


  15 months ago
nice to know! :)


  15 months ago
I guess life will have to move on and it will be very difficult for people of this present generation to go back to the basics. It's just like giving a child an electronic toy then immediately taking that toy and changing it with the same kind but not electronic. What would you think the child would do?..yes, the child will look for the toy that most provide amazement. It will be difficult to give back the toy that isn't electronic because the child would definitely cry and even throw it. So we really have to deal with what our present technology offers and do all possible to make use of it beneficially so that our children will grow up teaching the same things to the next generations to come.


  15 months ago
With all the downsides of modern technology? I prefer simple living instead.

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