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  7 months ago

How do you feel about presenting your receipt and having your bags checked when leaving a store? Have you ever refused?

This past spring Walmart introduced receipt and shopping bag checks which has angered customers and raised concerns about shoppers rights. Some people feel that these checks are treating them like a criminal and that is it very demeaning.
Walmart has responded by saying "To assist in our efforts to manage costs and offer everyday low prices, customers may be asked to show their receipts as they exit our store to ensure the checkout process went smoothly".

This isn't new - many stores have been doing this for years.
However, The Canadian Civil Liberties Association says retailers should get 'consent' before checking receipts or bags. If no consent is provided, customers are under no obligation to comply.
Their right is to say, 'Thanks, but no thanks,' and walk away.

I'm not really bothered by receipt checks, I understand it's a companies way of cutting theft. But then again that's where they should be hiring more loss prevention employees to combat the problem. I have never refused one, but honestly, I hadn't really thought about it. I'm sure if you did refuse a check, it would certainly raise some suspicion at the exit and you'd probably get the side eye every time you shopped there again.

I did notice my local Walmart started this practice also back in the spring but then it quickly seemed to disappear - for whatever reasons they decided against this approach, I'm glad. I don't mind if they want to take a peek in my cart - but the line up to get out of the store was ridiculous. This is where I would draw the line and refuse the bag check. I'm not prepared to wait in a line to buy my items and then again after my purchase has been done.
Thanks, but no thanks it will be for me.

Source: Sophia Harris · CBC News
Treated as a criminal: Walmart receipt and bag checks anger customers. Your rights explained


  7 months ago
yes its great idea if they have items missing.


  7 months ago
Never happened to me before


  7 months ago
I don’t have a problem with it. I pay and have nothing to hide. I think it’s good because those that don’t should be held accountable. Prices increase for the good people that do pay when people steal stuff, so I have no problem with it. I don’t want to have to pay more because the person behind me chose to take something. I understand that some people can be down and out. That’s why I help out at charity events when I can. There’s no reason to take from others.


  7 months ago
I have never thought of this as being treated as a criminal - if you buy everything in the bag and on the receipt, you shouldn't be concerned. Those who add unpaid for merchandise are the ones that should be concerned.


  7 months ago
i dony mind


  7 months ago
I absolutely hate it. People look at you as if you've taken something without paying and therefore, it's insulting because it's almost like they are accusing u of stealing. No, I have never refused.


  7 months ago
I hate it. I’ve experienced it, and a complete waist of my time.


  7 months ago
I'm not bothered by it and Costco does it all the time


  7 months ago
If you don't have anything to hide,why get angry.Honest people shouldn't care if they get checked.If your a thief you need to get caught.


  7 months ago
I look at it that Walmart is a discount grocery storw and it is going to attract all types, as well as all income levels, so i am sure they will be expecting some theft in their stores, i don't like the bag check, but if it is done effeciently without much delay, no problem, if there are lineups, i will take my business somewhere else, i imagine this policy will be tested to the max, when the Xmas crush hits Wallyworld.
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