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  24 months ago


Too often I see or hear about people who have spent the time to think up wonderful resolutions that they think will improve their lives.
These same people often spend less than a week actually implementing their resolutions and their lives do not improve.
They then play the victim role and blame someone or something else for their problems.

Life skills are based upon experiences.
Our brains are wonderful fact retrievers.
If you think you cannot accomplish something, your brain will go into overdrive to find all the examples of when you have failed in the past to prove yourself correct.

On the other hand, if you believe you CAN do something, your brain will recall all of those times you succeeded however, many around you will be quick to point out the times you failed.

People generally don't like to see others succeed where they themselves have failed.

First off, pick something relatively easy to succeed at first, even if it is as simple as ensuring your slippers are properly placed at the side of the bed each day (or some equally trivial task).
Then do it for 30 days to establish a habit.
You have now provided your rain another example of something that you have successfully accomplished so that it may use it to reinforce your next objective.

If you have been struggling with failures, repeat this again for another task and then another before venturing onto something more meaningful.
It is infinitely better to spend some time to set yourself up for success than to jump into something and add another failure to the list.

Next is to find some people who will actually support you in your efforts to succeed.
These can be friends or family but sometimes complete strangers work too.
One of the reasons 12 step programs work is because there are others who have been through similar circumstances who are often willing to offer support.

Make a resolution to take small steps to make your life better every day.
Once your life is better, you can more easily add value to others and make their lives better.

If there is truly nothing that you can do to improve your own life, then make small steps (or massive ones) to improve the lives of others so that they too may help even more people.

Have a great year


  24 months ago
Thanks for sharing - you made very good points! :-)


  24 months ago
Not sure


  24 months ago
Walk the talk!


  24 months ago
My thoughts exactly. Many times people set themselves up for failure by setting unrealistic goals which in turn brings about feelings of failure and inadequacy - not the place to start if you're actually planning on achieving goals.

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