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Happy Friday Influencers!

We’ve all been affected by these uncertain times, but we can get through this, together. We asked our influencer communities to get their feedback on how they feel about their current situation in the following countries: United States, Canada, Argentina, Chile, Colombia, Mexico & Peru and have some interesting data to reveal.

Something we found intriguing was 50% of our American & Canadian influencers either had plans for the cinema, gym or social gatherings and due to COVID-19, they had to cancel their plans.

What do you think about the results we gathered? What plans did you look forward to that you had to either cancel or postpone?

Let us know your opinion below in the comments.
Influence your world,
Toluna Team


  22 months ago
Disappointing that so many seem to be ignoring the restrictions on gatherings. Also, the trudeau government has done a HORRIBLE job on this.


  22 months ago
I work at Canada's largest drugstore, and am habitually exposed to everything our customers have. Until last week, I haven't even had a cold for a year. My store's owner has her finger on the pulse, and every available precaution for our safety, and that of the general public, has and will be taken. I hope everyone takes proper precautions, and we will prevail. God bless! xo


  22 months ago
I'm sick of this! I want out! Outside....I want to go out for coffee, I want a hug! I have had enough Covid 19, Go Away COVID 19.


  22 months ago
Like most, I am worried about the short and long term effects of this virus, both personally and world wide. I suffer from COPD and am 71 years old, so personally, this can be serious but my worries stem mostly from my fear of family members, siblings, children and grandchildren being stricken. for all intents and purposes, I have lived life. Don't get me wrong, I am not being cavalier or self effacing in thinking this way. I am afraid for myself also but if push comes to shove, I want them to make it first.


  22 months ago
I'am very afraid because I have bad lungs as it is from smoking cigarettes for the past 30 years. So I hope I don't get it because it attacks your lungs. So it would probably kill me I think and my son still needs me around. So I'am self isolating.


  22 months ago
It's scary times... makes me think this could be the beginning of the end.. like what if Covid19 runs wild, enough to kill 90% of the population!? What if Martial Law is declared!? What if this was all done on purpose, maybe to reduce the population!?
(maybe I've read toooo many apocalypse novels.. or have listened to tooo many conspiracy theories...)
Either way, these are some terrifying times we're going through.. and you can't always count on the news to be well informed..
(some countries downplay the severity)
I just hope this will blow over and we can move on! but In the meantime, people need to stay home and self-isolate until then!!!!!


  22 months ago
Don't worry, it will not help. Take one day at a time.


  22 months ago
Let's all be kind to one another as we need it now more than ever


  22 months ago
I think what concerns me the most is the mental health of others!!
Everyone seems so anxious, and just waiting to move on with their lives.
It's sad to see so much sadness~
Stay good inside your head All...


  22 months ago
Will miss out on visiting with my Mum. Making a no-visit rule and talking on the phone only. I'm quite certain that our Easter plans will not be a go either with my family. :(
Hoping to introduce Mum to some tech stuff with and get her set her up with Facetime this weekend.
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