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  16 months ago

Happy Hour on Toluna!

Hey Influencers!

We have a special program to offer you today. It's HAPPY HOUR on the Toluna Community from 2pm to 11pm!

Comment on our topic by choosing one of our “specials” from our happy hour menu. Write at least 4 lines about the special you chose to get bonus points! But remember, you must do it during the happy hour time frame.

Happy Hour Specials:

Your favorite season | 100 points
Favorite summer drink | 200 points
Your Favorite Summer Activity | 300 points

Are you ready?

Toluna Team CA


  16 months ago
My favorite season is summer because I get to spend it with all my family members My favorite summer drink is mike's slushie it can only be bought in the summer months it cools me off on them hot days My favorite summer activity is playing baseball with all the family and friends. This summer everything is so different none of my family can make it home due to covid19


  16 months ago
My favorite season spring
Favorite summer drink iced tea
My Favorite Summer Activity jogging


  16 months ago
Your favorite season spring
Favorite summer drink iced tea
Your Favorite Summer Activity jogging


  16 months ago
My Favorite season is Summer.
My favorite drink is a strawberry milkshake from a ice-cream truck.
My Favorite summer activity is cooling off in a swimming pool.


  16 months ago
My favorite season is coming up and it is Autumn.
My favorite summer drink is Nestea!
My favorite summer activity is relaxing in the backyard this year and watching my cardinals and finches play. I have many blooms and seeds that they find. I also have a walnut tree and soon my squirrels will be very busy harvesting them. :-)


  16 months ago
My favorite summer activity is going to visit my brother and sister-in-law. They live in a small village, Everyone has beautiful flower and vegetable gardens. It is nice to walk around the village and talk to some of the people. My sister-in-law has put up colored bird houses and I like to watch the birds bringing food to their young. There are always hummingbirds to watch. We enjoy sitting on the large back porch and enjoying the beautiful summer weather.


  16 months ago
My favorite summer activity : this activity would definitely be travelling overseas to visit my relatives abroad once in a while,
Without doubts that such activity would certainly be cheerful and joyous once I arrive to the destination country where my relatives reside,
During my trips to visit my relatives, I would have lots chances to visit places to go wild or to enjoy the super nature, to get the feels of visiting some local community ranged from local shopping centre, local farm market, local events/festivals, etc, to get some unique tastes from local foods,
With all these, everyone in my household other than myself wouldn't have any excuses for me to stay away from the above mentioned international travelling activity that I've planned beforehand.

Roger D.

  16 months ago
Your Favorite Summer Activity? My Favorite Summer activity consists of going for Walks with my Wife, going to Splash Pads with our niece to COOL OFF, go to Sturgeon Falls, Ontario, CANADA to go Fishing, and nice cold WATERMELONS ! I find it so Amazing & Peaceful just to sit there and concentrate on the sounds that comes from the Water's Waves & the different Crackling Sounds from Outdoor Campfires !!! You just got to try to listen to these Relaxing Sounds!!!


  16 months ago
My favourite summer activity is spending time with my family. Past summers I had spent time at the cottage up north lying on the dock by the water listening to the radio and enjoying the view. Lately, I spend time with my dog walking in the great outdoors and just enjoying nature


  16 months ago
My favorite summer activity is hiking. I love to get out in nature, I find it very soothing and a great way to help deal with anxiety. I get to see all kinds of birds, squirrels, the odd fox or coyote and sometimes, prairie dogs. The trees and wildflowers are beautiful in the summer and I get great exercise doing this. I find it so enjoyable.
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