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  7 months ago

Was livelihood put before lives?

As more news emerges across the world regarding the coronavirus outbreak, Carrie Lam, a Hong Kong politician, revealed that they were on the ""verge of a large-scale community outbreak"" and that a collapse to the ""hospital system and cost lives, especially of the elderly"" could be imminent. On the other hand, UK Prime Minister Boris Johnson defends his 14-day quarantine rule on visitors returning from Spain as he describes that there are signs of a ""second wave"" in Europe.

People in Hong Kong are being urged to stay indoors along with new measures put in place on Wednesday, such as including mandatory face masks and the closure of sit-in restaurants, and while Hong Kong had early success in fighting the virus - it now faces over 100 new cases a day. Whereas just one month ago, this number was under 10. Scientists fear that a strain of the virus that has adapted well to humans may be circulating in Hong Kong, that is said to not have mutated for over three weeks, making the virus much easier to transmit.

Meanwhile, several European countries are bracing themselves as ones which were previously thought to be keeping the virus under control are seeing sharp rises in cases. Some countries are putting local lockdowns in place, leading places like Belgium to reinforce measures on social interaction, where masks are a rare sight in Brussels and Spain to closing down a variety of public places like gyms and nightclubs in Barcelona.

Belgian Prime Minister Sophie Wilmès said in a statement to Le Soir newspaper that ""what is happening is a situation that is worrying, not terrifying,” and though France is seeing a rise in cases, some government officials said a total lockdown like the first will only be used as an absolute last resort.

Do you think we are failing to address this pandemic?

Were we too quick to rush back into old habits and 'normalcy' too quickly?

Do you believe that Europe and other places are heading towards a second wave?

Let us know in the comments below!

Influence your world,

Toluna Team


  7 months ago
wow! that's the only thing I can say.


  7 months ago
There is too much unknown with this virus, so as soon as cases decrease the economy was reopened. I don't think you will ever get to zero cases without a vaccine. A second wave is inevitable.


  7 months ago
It's going to come back all over the world again.


  7 months ago
It absolutely has, because the CEO's and people at the top are NOT the ones who will be "going back to work" on the front lines, interacting with the general public and being forced into unsafe working situations (like slaughterhouses and warehouses, etc.) The reason you hear the president, corporations etc. "championing" going back to work, and "re-starting the economy" is because the stock market will improve, and THEY have stock (whereas the average person, does not), not to mention in the case of trump, to look like they are not still in the middle of a horrible pandemic (which they absolutely are). They are now at the point where they are risking the lives of children and administrators as well as workers with the insistence to open schools. We are still in the first wave because there are STILL people who don't believe in simple facts like: wearing a mask works. socially distance. It's not complicated, but the alt right has so politicized it, that somehow being healthy has become a "lib" thing. I understand the importance of the economy and working and kids in schools, but don't we have to be ALIVE in order for any of that to happen? And shouldn't that trump any other issues?


  7 months ago
I think there will be a second wave as we become more complacent, things open up and more people are out and about in gatherings or not adhering to the 6 meter rules. I think who gets hit the hardest might even be the areas that have had smaller outbreaks with this go round and detecting the virus will become more difficult as children return to school and we often see the common cold going around. Masks should be mandatory at this point.

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