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  10 months ago

Hanapin ang paraan, huwag ang dahilan

I heard this quote in one of the segments of my favorite noontime show in Bawal Judgemental of Eat Bulaga. It is the same with the saying “Pag gusto may paraan, pag ayaw, maraming dahilan”.

I agree with this. There are people who have this negative mindset of giving excuses on tasks that they find uninteresting or lazy in doing instead of finding ways to do it. It is very important that one should be resourceful in solving problems rather than accusing someone or looking for a fall guy for his failures and misfortunes.

In this pandemic times, with the government’s resources in the brink of collapse, people should be more resourceful in sustaining their daily needs. They should not be totally dependent on the government support. It is true that it is the government who should be responsible in keeping the citizens meet their daily needs. However, I believe it is a give and take situation. We should also find ways in being resourceful. How many life stories shared by people who rise from their hardship due to sudden unemployment. Hindi sila nagpatalo sa pandemya at pilit na bumangon. It is true that not all people have the financial capabilities or the resources to support their livelihood, but there are also those who are less privileged who decided to find a living amidst the pandemic, sewing facemasks, running errands, planting vegetables in pots and many others. Sad to say, there are people who accused the government of the hardships they are now suffering, “pinabayaan na kami ng gobyerno” but did not find ways on how to be self-reliant, instead, they are dependent.

Even in our daily lives, there are always struggles yet there are always ways to solve the problem. We should find ways and means, not accusation, not blaming, no excuses. If there is a will, there is a way.

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  10 months ago
well said maam Zoila...


  10 months ago


  10 months ago
I totally agree on this! We should find ways, di pwdeng tumunganga lng at mag intay sa ayuda, hehe :)


  10 months ago
I agree with you mommy 100%. Parang ano lang yan eh ‘nasa Diyos ang awa pero nasa tao ang gawa’ We should not be dependent on the Gov’t, they can only do so much. We have to do something also.


  10 months ago
I agree with you mommy zoila :-)


  10 months ago
I kinda agree and disagree with this post.
Filipinos are known for being resilient, it means that whatever we face, we always find solution and find the good in it. Even though life throw rocks on us, we will still find a good side on it. Like it's a blessing in disguise or something.
What we are facing right now because of the pandemic is very unexpected. No one expected it but we could have avoided something from happening, right? We could've been back to normal right now if the government act earlier, have clear plan, etc.
The thing is, not all those people who are ranting, blaming, or saying something about this pandemic or government are kind of people that are just "puro salita lang pero wala naman ginagawa". I know that most of us are finding our own means to live. That's why there's a lot of online sellers right now, because EVERYONE IS DOING SOMETHING TO EARN MONEY TO LIVE, TO EAT, AND TO SURVIVE.
If there's a will, there's a way-- yes, that's right. So if our government is willing to find solution, have proper plan, and assure us that we're in the right hands and also if the Filipinos are disciplined and responsible enough to wear PPEs/masks and disinfect properly then we will see the way through this. We will find a way to end this suffering for all of us.


  10 months ago
I agree ate Zoila.


  10 months ago
True. Ang matira ay ang mga matibay.

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