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For twelve years, Britney Spears has been under the conservatorship of her father and a consortium of lawyers. It limits the control she can exercise over her finances, career and private life. Her fans launched the "Free Britney" movement to express their opposition to this guardianship.

The beginning of this story goes back to 2007, when the world star lost her way and ended up shaving her head in front of the paparazzis. This incident was followed by various psychiatric hospitalisations and Britney was placed under guardianship in 2008. This conservatorship gave her father, Jamie Spears, control over her finances, business decisions and some aspects of her daily life. For example, she's not allowed to do simple things like driving, or buying a coffee.

However, she is fighting to change the situation. In court documents filed last week and obtained by the LA Times, her attorney writes that the singer "strongly opposes" her father being the sole administrator of her affairs and that the administrator status "must be changed in a substantial way in order to reflect the major changes her current way of life and her declared wishes."

Her fans have been worried about this situation for several years and the #FreeBritney movement grew bigger in the past few weeks, as her next court date approaches.

Conspiracy theories are also rising. Because her Instagram account is presumably monitored, fans who believe she’s being held against her will are looking for signs that she’s trying to ask for help, like hiding subtle messages through her words, her clothing, and so on.

Do you think her fans are right to be worried about her?

Or are they making things even harder for the singer who has been exposed to the media all of her life without any privacy?

Do you think it is normal for famous people to give up their privacy and freedom?

Let us know your thoughts in the comments!

Influence your world,

Toluna Team


  2 months ago
If Britney is found fit to control her life and finances in a suitable manner she should be allowed to do it. If she needs help it should be given. Are her affairs being looked after responsibly? If she shows she is able to cope, she should be given a chance to prove herself. She can accept more responsibility once she shows that she can handle it.


  2 months ago
I do think fans are right to be worried about her as this does not sound normal to me. I don't think they are making things harder for her as she gave up her privacy when she became famous, although I think some tabloids take it too far. I understand if her father did it out of concern and love, but then as she shows responsibility, he needs to loosen the ropes (with some boundaries of course) and see how it goes. Everyone deserves a second chance.


  2 months ago
lets be honest, she has had some bad times where she lost the plot completely, provided that is all behind her she should be free to move on as an adult making her own decisions . However, perhaps her family know far more about her mental well being than us, the general public who in fact only know what we are told . So .......


  2 months ago
This is bad. If her father took over her everything because of concerns of his daughters life, he should be easily willing to hand everything back over when she is alright.


  2 months ago
It is not normal for famous people to give up there Freedom and Privacy.
All human beings are born free,with equal rights and conscience.We regard them as our traveling companions and friends.They enjoy the freedom of their livelihood and so do artist and famous.
I think that every individual,regardless whether he/she is famous or just an ordinary citizen,his privacy should be respected.Speaking about a person privacy it can mean about a person's name and integrity as known "Dignitus."Privacy is usely about a person health status or his financial status or even his sexual orientation. and lifestyle.
Information about a person's background is private.He/she has the right to what information maybe disclosed and under what circumstances it may be used.

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