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  1 month ago

#SeptemberWellness - Simple acts of kindness that improve our own wellbeing

Why is Christmas such a cheery time of the year? We might think it’s because we get to receive gifts but what if that’s not the reason? Many psychologists actually believe that the act of giving, not just receiving, adds a significant boost to our happiness and sense of wellbeing.

How many of us actually spend more time and money choosing gifts for our loved ones than we would ever spend on ourselves? Don’t we all just love seeing the expression on someone’s face when they really enjoy a present we give to them? Some might argue that it’s a more enjoyable feeling than actually receiving a present themselves. Why is that? Well according to some researchers, we might be feeling what is called the “Helper’s high”. Our brain basically perceives the act of giving as rewarding as the act of receiving. Add that to the joy of lifting someone else’s spirit and we’re bathed in a nice glow of positive feelings all around.

So, what are some simple and quick acts of kindness we can all put into practice to not only light up someone’s day but also our own?
Smile at someone, that might be the highlight of their day
Hold the door open for a stranger
Compliment others, even on the small things
Ask someone about their day and genuinely listen to what they have to say
Thank someone you appreciate
Prepare a meal for the family if you usually don’t
Do the household chores without being asked
Send some flowers to someone you miss
Do your neighbor a favor
Do something for yourself that you have been putting off for whatever reason. You deserve kindness too

Did you know that being the recipient or simply witnessing an act of kindness motivates others to do the same?
What acts of kindness have you been doing lately? Does it make you happy when you help others?


  1 month ago
One of our neighbours from our condo also moved the same time we did and she moved across the street from us (not planned at all!) She is a widow and has some significant health issues and she will never ask for any help, but we have helped her when she was moving out of her condo and we've helped with her move into her new place. I've also helped her with setting up her computer and getting her phone set up properly. She's so appreciative and it makes me feel good to be able to help her.


  1 month ago
I'm working harder at being a good wife-cleaning more, getting the new place organized. I love my husband, and want to my best for him.


  1 month ago
Absolutely true, before covid I used to love doing volunteer work for a local Indigenous and women's groups, it always feels selfish because it makes tou feel so good! I also enjoy baking for neighbors and its almost the holidays!!


  1 month ago
Christmas to me is being with family. Not sure how this is going to over this year with COVID. My daughter's bubbles are far to big that we cannot be included for my mom's sake.
But having said that, I love giving my kids gifts, especially handmade. I have already began making my grandboys quilts for their beds. As well I will be quilting them personalized stockings...something I have been meaning to.
Life is definitely going to be different for a while. We have to accept things for what they are and move on. Be happy and thankful for what we have.


  1 month ago
Christamas is not really a cheery time of year! Where do you get these facts? Alot of people get more depressed and stressed out at Christmas! My dad died in December, that does not make me very CHEERY! It makes me very sad!

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