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  27 days ago

Young boss/older employee dilemma

Have you experienced having a manager or supervisor that is much younger than you? I am, in my latest job.

In all my previous jobs, all my boss/managers are older than me, with the closest 5 years gap. However, in my last job, my manager is much younger than me. She was born 1969 while I was born 1958, more than 11 years age gap. What it makes more awkward for me was she doesn’t want to be called Mam/Madam/Manager. She told me to call her by her first name but I felt awkward because she is my manager and not my equal. So, we come into a settlement, to call her Ate. Ate? e mas matanda nga ako.
So from thereon, I called her Ate and say words of “po” and “opo” as my way of respect. However, her child, an 11 month girl wondered. “Ate Zoila, bakit Ate ang tawag mo kay Mama e Ate e mas matanda ka? Tapos nanganganopo ka e, dapat si Mama ang magsabi noon kasi nga mas matanda ka? I just tell the child that it was my form of respect to her mother because she is my manager.

One awkward moment I experienced was my boss doesn’t know how to use computer but wanted to learn. At first, she hesitate to ask me in tutoring her and I was also hesitate at first to do so because I am only an employee who was in the brink of retirement. Yet, I have to teach her even though I find it hard to repeatedly reminder her the basics for she might be offended. Then there comes a time that my manager and his husband had some LQ and asked for my advice. At first I hesitated kasi siya ang boss ko tapos, ako na secretary lang nila ang magpapayo? Anyway, I just put my self in a situation na I am still the older one and have the experiences that I can share to her to solve the problem. At least, she listens to my advices. Kaya nga, noong mag-retire ako, nawalan daw siya ng secretarya at nanay.

Do you also have a superior/boss/manager much younger than you? How did you handled it?

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  26 days ago
I once had a younger boss. And your right, it was really awkward. But I needed the job, so I did what any "professional" would do: give her what she, and her family was paying me for -my artistic input. Later on, our treatment to each other became natural for us, kung baga, trabaho lang, walang personalan. It's always easier to work with these barriers out of the way. I guess it's just a matter of mental conditioning :) By the way, I tried to respond to your message on my wall, apparently you have this setting in Toluna that doesn't permit anyone to do so. Ito ang nakalagay: "Sorry, this user's profile page is closed." Ewan ko bakit ganun pag sayo. Sa iba hindi naman. Reply


  26 days ago
Now a days, younger boss/manager is present in some companies. This includes ours. She started from scratch and climb slowly in the organization. At the age of 28 she became a Manager, handling 25-30 people. She doesn't want to be called Mam or Madam too, prefers to call her at her first name only. But her capabilities, skills and mindset are great and we say she deserves everything. She's one of a kind, young but terrible. Reply


  26 days ago
I've never had a boss younger than me in all the jobs I've gone through. But one of the supervisors in the hotel I worked for in the 90s was only 2 years older than me and she became a good friend. Reply


  26 days ago
I worked with my old boss aged 60 and up before. I never had experience working with a young boss. Whether young or old, we respect them for being our superior inside the company. Reply


  27 days ago
Old boss, young boss, the fact that they are on apex, they're not just awesome, they're BOSSome! :) Reply


  27 days ago
Yes. It was ok with me but my boss felt I was treated like an old dog who could not anymore learn new tricks. My field of work was in IT. They felt my skills were in the Jurassic Age and not anymore applicable to the millenial age. Reply

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