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  12 months ago


Did it ever cross your mind to start vlogging, doing some tutorial stuff, or just a fun video to start to upload on YouTube?

Well, in my case YES. Just this quarantine, I started my journey on the YouTube Partner Program. I started last May 30, 2020. The journey was not that easy for there are a lot of requirements to accomplish in order for a youtube channel to be MONETIZED. Yes, you read it right, monetize. You can also gain money and everything on YouTube. That is why becoming a YouTuber is already a trend in the whole world, specifically in the Philippines. Becoming a YouTuber is already considered a profession. Well, not a profession by degree, but a profession by work. When we say profession by work, it means that a YouTuber should present himself/herself professionally. Thus, there should be a sense of professionalism.

So as I was saying, I started last May 30, 2020, and it took me 5 months to be approved for the YouTube Partner Program. The requirements are, to have 1000 Subscribers, and 4000 Watch Hours. Getting these things are really very troublesome. Haha. At first, I really don't know how to accomplish such, but with the help of other small youtubers. I was able to accomplish the requirements.

October 14, 2020, marks the date that I was approved in the YouTube Partner Program. It means that my previous videos and the videos I publish now contain ads. Where I can use for monetization.

How about you? Did it ever cross your mind to start vlogging, doing some tutorial stuff, or just a fun video to start to upload on YouTube? Share it here. :)

Just remember that "THE GREATEST HAZARD IN LIFE, IS TO RISK NOTHING." - Leo Buscaglia

If you have time please subscribe also to my YouTube Channel:



  12 months ago
Yes! It really crossed my mind and is one of my bucket lists. In fact, I have already created a blog using WordPress and titled it "Free Minds". However, it did not picked up plus I have been busy with my work. Now that I am already retired, I am planning to pursue my dream, with the plot focused on retirees and senior citizen stuff. Yet, I was enlisted by my niece in a program for e-book writing so I am currently attending to it during weekends. Reply


  12 months ago
Congratulations! I wish you well on your vlogging experience. No offense but vlogging is not my cup of tea. I'd much rather be unknown and behind the scenes. #toeachhisown Reply

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