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As vaccines emerge and symbolise the light at the end of the tunnel of a dark and difficult year, unfortunately, the same cannot be said for the state of our Earth. This year, while life slowly returns to normal, we can't go back to our habits of times passed.

Now, more than ever, our world needs us to act and it needs to be now - join us on Toluna to stand together in combatting the all-too-real disasters of climate change and our seemingly incessant environmental destruction.

22nd of April will mark the global date of Earth Day and this year, the focus is to 'Restore Our Earth,' and together, we can make a huge difference. With collective innovative thinking and the arrival of eco-friendly technologies, the adoption of greener efforts couldn't be within more reach - helping all of us push for a healthier and greener world.

To do this, we've partnered with Ecomatcher - so we can make a difference, one tree at a time. But this time, our goal is 500 trees and we'll need your help to meet this target and if we're feeling particularly ambitious - surpass it! While we believe that charity begins at home, it shouldn't end there - so together, we'll be making a difference to local communities in Thailand, Uganda, and Peru. Your lending hand will do so much more than reducing the effects of climate change on the planet but strengthen individual communities, including the livelihood of locals and increase the availability of food and safe habitats for thousands of species. Your small gesture will enrich the Earth and its inhabitants in big ways for many years to come!

Are you in? You can find the special game for this campaign in the Games Centre where you can win up to 1000 points every day or your very own tree as well as make a points donation towards planting our very own Toluna forest.

Stay tuned on in the coming days to see how we can transform our Earth towards a much better one for today - and for tomorrow.

Influence your world,
Toluna Team

(P.S. any points donated will be deducted from your Account next week for contributions so far and again at the end of the campaign for any subsequent donations!)


  3 days ago
Absolute bull***t! Reply


  19 days ago
I love this game. It is so easy to play and rewards you and the planet. Well done to you for coming up with such an excellent idea for a game. Reply


  21 days ago
in a world of mass consumptions with landfills filling up exponentially year in year out and no cease to this way of life how reasonable is it to think we can make big changes. We turning the planet into a rubbish dump with the dominant lifestyle on the planet that we all fit into on some level. it's not a simple issue. It's a concern but dramatic change is very complex to implement. Reply


  21 days ago
I won’t be donating! Reply


  21 days ago
I donated a few points yesterday but I don't see them missing from my points and also I've won two days running on the rubbish collection game and also no points .... Reply


  21 days ago
As we seem to have been trying to save the planet, to one degree or other, for well over 60 years so far (watch one of the many 1950's sci-fi films on the subject for proof) and have got nearly nowhere, I'd be inclined to give up and just enjoy what's left. Reply


  21 days ago
All very admirable team , but I believe that the number of pro , anti and don't want to change is pretty much the same as ever .One can't argue with a closed mind . No reason for despair though , as collectively , the pros can at least ameliorate the problems in the future . Hopefully the young people will continue to listen , learn and act , and not just pay lip service.. Reply


  21 days ago
I agree we all need to make a change..but the people who are doing the most damage are big companies - cars with their pollution, fossil fuels, ripping down trees, to give us palm oil etc etc. Reply


  21 days ago
I will continue to do as I always have (the way I was brought up) ie..... turn the tap off when brushing teeth dont buy plastic bags (unless on a rare ocassion) put all compostable waste in the compost , Dont fill the fridge with food Im not going to eat, dont throw rubbish on the floor when out, grow my own organic food where possible. These things I was taught as a child and have done all my life. Things I would never do are things I see many young folk doing like over filling shopping trollies with boxes and boxes of ready meals in plastic containers for one, buy supermarket meat in plastic boxes for another. All my meat comes from my butcher in bags. My fruit come box and bag free therefore i have very little rubbish in my bin.
I dont get involved with fear and panic about what might happen and hasnt happened and more than likely never will . My belief system is not of this world I dont expect worldly people to understand me, I am different I believe what my father says is the truth so I will carry on as normal which is my normal, I refuse to have worry and panic put on me from those who participate in it. I say this in love not judgement. Worry not all will be well. Have a great day.


  21 days ago
Great to see you getting involved and giving us the opportunity to join in TT. Reply
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