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  1 month ago

Today is Sewing Machine Day.

Do you have a sewing machine? What type? Do you like sewing? What do you sew? My M.I.L was a brilliant, give her a sewing machine and she was right at it.She could sew without a pattern She made clothes for many of us. I can sew on a button. That is about it. Love to see your replies.


  1 month ago
I have a Janome but gave it to my mother she uses it more. I know how to sew and I can use a sewing machine. Reply


  1 month ago
I used to have a sewing machine but have to get a new one. I do like sewing and enjoy making lots of unique things for the home. Reply


  1 month ago
I have a couple naturally enough a couple of Elna SU's but I once upon a time worked for them so it's to be expected they are a great unit.
1 830 Bernina just because the 930 had way too much in the way of electronics in it and are not repairable when the circuit boards break and they break far too often but like all things electronic it is because they where never designed for this country quite often the induvial components can be above their max rated temperature before you apply power so they have to break, happens to all electronics though not just sewing machines.
A couple of the better overlockers from Baby Lock which I always liked and one of the Bernette's a differential feed 4 thread which I did actually use to make some covers for 3 Elna Presses that I have here.
1 Husky which I don't really like all that much but it was the biggest seller here and left all the others for dead in the sales stakes as the biggest seller and so many people liked them so much.
1 treedle Husky with a Long Shuttle and an original Elna 1 both with all original accessories except needles of course.
As for sewing I can't sew to save my life and am flat out sewing a straight line though the Yamoto in the back sheed a 5 thread overlocker is easier to sew straight with but only because it's so fast and it's eaten all of the material you have put under it before you realise what is happening. I did once upon a time play with a couple of Phenunamit Singer straight sewers but they where way too fast for me I can handle 2.500 Stiches per minute but when it gets to 25 thousand I don't want my fingers anywhere near things like that.
I did used to setup quite a few Bernina's 217 for Sailmakers which where brilliant for that job with a great puller for larger sail cloth and a inch wide stich they where the best around for that job and I did play with a lot of those.
However now I'm flat out putting thread through a needle so I don't play with them all that much and it's only when She Who Must Be Obeyed Daughter brings one over to do a favour for a fiend of hers that I get near one hence the Yamoto down the back not something any sensible person would normally want to go near.


  1 month ago
Have an Elna which I bought just after my son was born and he turns 50 this year. Reply


  1 month ago
Yes like Woody i have an old singer sewing machine that my wife still uses.We had to replace the belt on it and it is on metal wheels but it is better than the newer models you see now days.It is a treadle model Reply


  1 month ago
Yes, I have an old Singer but it hasn't been out of the cupboard for many a year. Last time I used it was to make curtains for the lounge room about 10 years ago. I used to do quite a bit of sewing, not always successful though! Reply


  1 month ago
Beware the criminal with a sewing machine... police say he's following a pattern!
Please don't call me a sew and sew!

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