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  1 month ago

Job Application

Do you feel this feeling? I know that most of you have already felt this feeling of applying for a job. That sending an email is giving you cold feet. And you start thinking of what kind of environment are you going to be interacting with. Even if you didn't receive any reply or call from there office.

good morning everyone.
Lately, I've been not eager looking for a job. It's just that I don't have the courage. BUT its just an excuse. I keep telling myself that I should grow. I should not ask myself, but need to take action before I fall behind in this rapidly changing world.


  1 month ago
No one is actually being rejected, the fact is they are looking for an applicant that fits the job requirement. So better review your resume and put everything with all honesty and be confident that the resume represents yourself. Nothing to worry for no one knows you better than yourself. Also , prayers is the best tool in every endeavor and ask the guidance of the Lord. If they can do it , much more than you do. God bless, happy job hunting and be optimistic. Reply


  1 month ago
In my case, I was rejected for what I applied for. It was yesterday I received their email saying I am not accepted. Until now, I feel down. Reply


  1 month ago
Never be choosy but instead accept every opportunity that comes. Remember that this might be a stepping stone towards the attainment on having a good job in the future that's really suited for you. You will be guided by the most High if you have that determination to always succeed. Reply


  1 month ago
No more excuses cos the job wont be waiting for you. There will be job opportunities (hopefully more after the pandemic) and you might not get the job on your first application but never give up.
Hone whatever skills you might have while waiting & never ever stop learning. Happy job hunting!


  1 month ago
I anticipate my job applications, what would be the results and what job will I get, and it's really make one feel excited and sometimes dubious, especially now that many are laid off. But we have to keep on trying and giving our best shot to have one. Thank you for sharing. Have a good morning. Reply


  1 month ago
I feel what you're going through. It really happens, especially now that we have a lot of precautions to do outside. Well, we just have to move on and go forward and think of our career and have a job to support our needs or our family. Thank you for sharing. Have a good week. Hopefully, you get a job soon. Reply


  1 month ago
hello. mine is a little different, I keep submitting resume to different companies but so far none of them hires me. I feel down because I really wanted to transfer to another company ASAP but the universe won't allow just yet.
I hope the stars will align very soon for our dreams.

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