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  3 months ago


first of all i would like to thank you all for your lovely messages including the toluna team ,it really has helped ,we now have a date for mums funeral which is the 30th of this month and we have made all the arrangements ,though it is only really going to be family ,she has two brothers left and they themselves are too old and ill to travel ,one from aberdeen and another from london ,and they are both in their 80 s .But we understand ,also most of her friends had already passed away years ago .Her coffin is going to be a painted blue ,and her flowers will be blue and white with some thistles ,(for scotland) my two sons and my brothers three sons and my brother will carry the coffin and my daughter will walk in front with a bouquet of heather,her coffin will include a packet of M&M s ,mums favorite we swear its what kept her going ,and of course one of the songs just has to be the one i have included here.her ashes will be split in two and half will be scattered at the local cemetery where my dads ashes were scattered 32 years ago and the other half will be taken to Elgin in scotland and scattered in Cooper park where my mum and dad first met .My sister has sadly been the worst affected and keeps bursting into tears ,I am ok ,i am getting by ,but my brother is just quiet.We will all be ok ,we have each other


  3 months ago
Such a sad thing to have to sort out; but I'm guessing your Mum would have approved; it sounds like a thoughtful day; take care and remind us the day before so we can be thinking of you xx


  3 months ago
You have thought it all out your mum would be proud. Mary.


  3 months ago
That's so thoughtful Rose , well done all of you ,


  3 months ago
That sounds a lovely send-off for your mum Rose, I love the idea of the M&Ms too! Yes you will be OK, I think you're a strong family and will be able to support each other, it's still a horrible shock though and everyone has to grieve in their own way. Take care and stay strong for each other. xxx


  3 months ago
You are giving her a lovely send off and its so nice how you will be scattering her ashes, take care x


  3 months ago
thats the same day my friend from church's mom is being burried I will be thinking of you both on that day. I hope they do a great job of your flowers remember to eat and drink you need your strength OK'''

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