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  1 month ago

Tough question, and I'll be very honest with you. Have you ever driven a car while impaired?

I learned to drive in Dallas, Texas. I recall local TV commercials, saying that drinking and driving are a Texas tradition, but that it's still WRONG! I was 26 when I first got my license. We lived in Mesquite, a dry county, so yeah, drinking and driving mixed, quite often. I have another tale, about escaping a DUI, but it's for another time. Before I go on, I do want to stress that I do NOT do this anymore- it was my misspent youth, and I remain eternally grateful that I never hurt anyone, or had an accident. OK, so it happened too many times, that I'd run out of Bud, and ripped off to the next county to stock up. I sped thru a school zone, and got my first, and only speeding ticket. No points off in the '80s, just a $55 fine, promptly paid. It was good that I was stopped on the way there, and not on the way back, as I'd have had an open can in my car. I'd like to tell you that that was the last time, but I continued that practice, much later in my life. It was about 7 years ago that I finally stopped being such a stupid EEJIT! So, there, I have laid it out- tell me what you think.


  1 month ago
Maaaan the stuff people get away with in the Country...and the stuff that goes on in general...since moving to a more rural area, I think it's really funny when people assume "nothing goes on out there" people KNOW it's not busy, so MORE goes on! Arguably anyway...I don't drive so I can't comment either way, I know I have been IN the car with someone who had been drinking and that made me uncomfortable and I felt guilty that I wasn't more insistant they not drive. It's a lot harder than people think to convince someone not to drive when they think "they're fine" or "it's not a big deal" we've gotten in arguments with friends over it, but we always say the same thing "Id rather you be mad at me and alive". Reply


  1 month ago
Yes, sort of like you. In the 60s, a common conversation, sadly, was "You're in no shape to drive." "Well, I can't walk." Things seem better today. Reply


  1 month ago
40 years ago ditch drank in my 20's with friends. Back then if you got caught it was a 12 hour suspension. Never had an accident never got caught. WISED up in my late 20's never drove after drinking Reply


  1 month ago
No never, I rarely drink. Reply


  1 month ago
Thankfully you have learned and are wiser. I can honestly say that I have never driven while drinking-although in younger years I was definitely a passenger. It was the thing to do. Get a case of beer with some friends and drive around all night. Later in my early married life and we were all wiser, I was the designated driver. Reply


  1 month ago
Great of you to admit. Never myself Reply

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