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  2 months ago


I expected some issues with tradesmen when the masking rules were relaxed and we've had to ask them to wear a mask as we do when entering to do quotes or work in our home. We did pursuade the boiler engineer although he wasnt wearing one when he stood at the door and argued he was ' double vacced'. Lots of people forget the hand gel now and dont remember that hands and surfaces are also ways of passing the virus on.

An electrician did arrive with mask on but was visibly so hot after being in our loft yesterday I had to forgive him pulling it off to reveal his face beetroot red when he explained why the extractor fan wasnt working.

A bathroom fitter who came to quote brought a trainee girl with him both wore masks at first but when he started talking her through her moves for measuring up he took it off which was worrying as the space is small and though we were in the garden I had to spray the air and clean all the surfaces when they left. Just several squirts of Dettol spray and the Lidl Hycoline cleaner. Hycoline is used in hospitals to disinfect mattresses and bedframes.

Even after i told the fitter i was worried about the 15 minute contact trace time he rattled instructing the junior. Last thing i want is to be quarantined or pinged when i have medical appointments ahead of me. )o:
How have you found the behaviour of tradesmen since the relaxation of restrictions? How have you manged the situation?


  2 months ago
I have had no problems with workmen as they have all had masks on. Reply


  2 months ago
I’m happy to be heading back to normal! Reply


  2 months ago
I didn't wear a mask or use that awful gel it causes dermatitis on my hands . I don't expect anyone to tell me what to do nor will I try to force anyone else to follow my example . Having said that you were in you're own home so anyone coming in should respect the rules of you're house. I don't have the app never have . Tradesmen are free to come into my home with or without a mask what ever makes them comfortable Reply


  2 months ago
No tradesmen recently but not fussed if they do not wear a mask as social distancing comes into play.
Mrs B and cannot be pinged as our cell fones do not have the app installed.
Interestingly the hospital admission figures for covid patients is skewed as nearly 50% were admitted for other illnesses and only discovered to have covid when tested as part of the admission procedure.


  2 months ago
No tradesmen here Yvonne , and none expected. Reply


  2 months ago
We've had scaffolders this morning but they haven't needed to come indoors so I'm okay that they aren't wearing masks. I've noticed that delivery drivers don't wear masks now but I didn't always remember to put one on to answer the door. Reply


  2 months ago
if it is your property they are in you have every right to ask them to put a mask on but seeing as a lot of people in general don't like to be challenged on anything these days I can see a lot of grumbles and moaning. Reply


  2 months ago
I have had no contact with tradesmen recently. Most people around here are still wearing masks in shops, even when only 'requested' (as opposed to 'required') to do so. Clearly, common sense is mostly prevailing rather than the 'me-me-me-me-me I'm all right Jack' attitude. Reply

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