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  1 month ago

Poor pooch etiquette

Often you can walk around town or parks and find at least one dog poop bag, full of poop but left on the side of the path. You wonder if the owner will bother to come back or why they even bothered to pick it up at all. When I used to have a dog, if i was near a garbage cam i would pick up the poop

In bc one man is placing little flags on owners that leave their dog poop bags. The flags say "really? WTF dog walkers,’ and then smaller print beneath tells the poop scofflaws not to be jerks, and to take their dog’s waste to a nearby trash can

Its caught on in other parts of Canada, the us and even overseas in the uk!

Would you place a flag? Do you think it would help?
Would you just dump it in the can?, kylie Stanton and simon little, April 28 2021,
B.C. man flagging poor pooch poop etiquette — literally


  1 month ago
This will always happen , I see all the time,. . Reply


  1 month ago
They should pick up and put it in the trash bin. Reply


  1 month ago
It's so gross! I hate dog-sh#*! Don't have a dog, if you can't be responsible! Responsibility involves picking up after your dog! Reply


  1 month ago
I bag it and leave it, then pick it up on the way back. I've forgotten twice, but went back later and took care of it. Reply


  1 month ago
I always bring poop bags and yes, I don't really like carrying a bag of poop around with me as I continue my walk with them, but oh well .. that's what it is to be a dog owner. We live in a subdivision type neighbourhood so there aren't any streetside garbage cans to dispose of them. People are "pretty responsible", about picking it up but it irks me when they leave the poop bag on the ground. Not the right thing to do but it would be better off leaving the poop on the ground to biodegrade on its own. We have a community FB page and people have complained about the left behind bags of poo. The issue seems to have gotten better since people were called out. Reply

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