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  2 months ago

Surely it's up to YOU isn't it ?

When the electorate of the UK voted to leave the European union more than 5 years ago , surely they were aware that things would inevitably change, afterall both the government and individuals have had more than 5 years to implement and ensure their plan is up and running by now.

At the spring budget and again last week the first "cost of brexit" taxes were levied on the UK with maybe more in the pipeline.

Many sectors of the economy are running below capacity due to staff shortages. Fruit and vegetables "remain" unpicked , houses "remain" unbuilt , goods "remain" undelivered , hospitals and care homes "remain" unstaffed, even farm animals "remain" un-slaughtered due to abattoir staffing shortages.

All decisions obviously carry consequences and I would think it only right that the people that voted for brexit should now pick up the gauntlet and throw themselves wholeheartedly into providing the workforce that these sectors of our economy so desperately require.

Isn't it long overdue now that the vast pro brexit populous metaphorically put their shoulder to the plough ensuring their brexit nirvana becomes a successful reality , otherwise what was all the disruption for in the first place ?


  2 months ago
all blackmail from e.u think they have us over a barrel nocomment!! Reply


  2 months ago
Covid has had a significant effect on economic recovery which has slowed. It will come and I am glad we left. Reply


  2 months ago
I voted remain Reply


  2 months ago
I cannot speak for all Brexiteers but for myself I am delighted that we have made our escape and I noticed recently that Mr Barnier seems quite keen on recouping what has been lost for the French,not a Frexit of course but a realisation of the disaster that approaches for the EU.
The UK will not benefit for around another 5 years is my guess as it takes time to unravel the the spiders webs of conditions unnecessarily imposed on us,thankfully due to Brother Brown we avoided the disaster of the Euro which still happily destroys much of the Med countries economies although Germany now is getting tougher as the cost of endless bailouts is hurting too much.
We suffer from too much short termism in the UK,just look at the car crash that the NHS has been suffering almost since its noble but financially flawed inception,.The future has never looked brighter and even I am surprised at the huge investment inflows and talent that we have attracted,my slight worry is that the Conservatives have now totally lost the plot and gross tax increases may well deter even more from investing here.
Hopefully Boris will be kicked out before too much damage has been done


  2 months ago
I'm with Ed; the leavers did not think where they were taking us; and many were thinking of the life pre the common-market, when we headed the Commonwealth, which was not the world we were going back too; as for Farage ..... :( Reply


  2 months ago
Therin lies the problem Alan ie the Leave voters did not know what they were actually voting and made no attempt to find out. A lot of them were too busy waving their little Union Jacks and cheering on that racist idiot Farage. In an ideal world Leave voters should have their taxes increased to cover the mess they have got the rest of us into. Reply


  2 months ago
I've noticed a change from 5 years ago Alan - very few defenders of the faith ! Reply

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