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  2 months ago

How much to Bite Off?

About a week ago I took on the clearing of some dense brambles in our garden which amounted to about 3 hours of bending, pulling, cutting and ouch even with gloves on!! I can live with the scratches which sting a bit and Savlon can help but the exertion and extreme heat left me disabled for days. I think it is muscle tears or joint inflammation made worse by the sun or maybe eve nerve irritation. I cant pin it down to a sore place though it's more like a pain allmover my body and general stiffness of hands and feet. I was walking like a duck for a week. I took an aspirin, used Ibuprofen gel and rubbed magnesium oil into my arms, legs and feet but still had to leave washing up and anything like lifting to Paul. I just about kept up short walks for the dog but it felt like i had been hit by a train.
Normally i can do healthy walks of about 2-4 miles if weather permits but I cant cope with tugging, digging or anything with resistance. As a result of the weakness after i had a fall next day and bashed my knees, hands and strained my shoulders. I just suddenly lost muscle tone and down i went.
While i was doing the garden I felt reasonably comfortable and focussed on the task otherwise i wouldnt have done it but seems one can end up doing more than is actually acceptable to the body? Overdoing things seems common for me now but its odd that i dont feel it at the time. Clearing brambles isnt the kind of pursuit that gets adrenaline flowing so what was easing me through it it's hard to say?
In future i need to avoid biting off more than i can chew )o: I dont know exactly what my physical problem is,but it needs some caution.
Do you ever take on more than you can manage and suffer later?


  2 months ago
Collected a couple of tons of sandstone in my car and built a wall in the blistering heat. Strung up my decorating sheet between the trees for shade but it did take it's toll on me for a day or so. Now I'd do things like this over a couple of days but I do like to get things finished. Reply


  2 months ago
I would have got somebody in to do it! Reply

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