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  4 months ago

HOW much?

I read an article today which reckons obesity is partly about the quantities of food people eat as much as what they eat. An example of 2 cups of pasta was given as a guide to how much pasta is the right amount for a meal. It also said many people eat far more than 2 cups at a sitting. I don't personally eat pasta much as i dont like it but when i have 2 cups wouldnt fill me up! As lots of pasta people dont eat meat or very little of it i assume it is hard to fill up on 2 cups of pasta and a sprinkle of cheese? In terms of bulk i would eat about 4-5 cups of such food including meat and veg and still maybe need dessert or a piece of fruit after.
As a guide how many cups of food would you eat at a sitting?
As much as i want to be slim i cant live my life starving for my next meal )o:


  4 months ago
I don't measure by cups, but I suppose it refers to dry pasta not cooked, which will almost double the size.
I keep going down in weight since I arrived here, maybe the change of diet and the heat i drink a lot of water.


  4 months ago
Burp !


  4 months ago
I don’t measure my food by cups I just go by sight. I know by now how much I eat.


  4 months ago
Wouldn't it all depend on the size of the cup? A bit like a bra, methinks. In cookery books they say a portion of pasta is about 75g per person. That's enough for me, never enough for my mother or brother.


  4 months ago
I don't measure things in cups so I have no idea how much I eat in those terms. With pasta, it depends whst I'm eating it with. If I'm having it as a side to meat or fish, I will have less than if I was having it on its own. But considering gluten-free pasta is quite expensive, I tend to bulk it out with beans or havr it as a side so I would say that I have around 2 to 3 ounces dry weight.


  4 months ago
I do think culturally we have gradually increased our concept of what is a portion size. As we eat more out stomach expands and our brain gets used to a certain amount of food so an adjustment of portion size may take your body and mind a little while to adjust but it does. You may feel hungry initially but then it will become the norm. A good way to reduce portion size is to reduce the size of your plate. Then it looks bigger than it is and tricks the brain.


  4 months ago
I was not sure if the cups of pasta was referring to the dry pasta or after it is cooked?
As for the sauce, if you make your own sauce with plenty of vegetables- either puréed or chunky you can have a very tasty large portion of pasta sauce with few calories. It doesn’t have to be cheese! If your concern is lack of protein then add pulses or lentils.
I am very overweight and don’t wish to follow any regime dictated by the skinny police. However I do now try to restrict my carbohydrates and eat more fruit,
vegetables and protein. So if I have a sandwich I want more filling and less bread!


  4 months ago
To help clarify things:
One English cup = ½ pint = 300ml (millilitres)
One American cup = ⅜ pint = 240ml (this is equivalent to a "breakfast cup" which you'll see in older British recipes)
One metric cup = 250ml


  4 months ago
We just did a little experiment. Wife collects small jugs and within it there is a set of four measuring jugs. First jug is a quarter of a cup measure, then half, then three quarters, then one cup. We then weighed on our kitchen scales exactly the quantity of pasta we would normally eat between the two of us (in this case it was pasta twirls). We have three ounces between the two of us. We then put the pasta into the one cup measure and it didn’t reach the top (it was about half an inch short). So in English ounces, we would suggest that a one cup portion (i.e. for one person) should be one and a half ounces.


  4 months ago
I'd agree with your final statement in that I'll eat what I need to keep me going and not be ruled by some silly slimming rules.
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