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  3 months ago

Wisdom regarding wisdom tooth

I have just been for a check up at the dentist and an X ray showed up a potential issue with my wisdom tooth. I have to decide whether to just wait and see what emerges or whether to have it taken out now. Also the root is not straight so there is a risk that the root breaks off and has to then be taken out separately.
My initial reaction was to leave it until I have to deal with it but now at home I am thinking it is better just to take it out now.
What would you do?
Have you had wisdom teeth taken out?


  3 months ago
I had all four of mine taken out at the same time under anesthetic in hospital. The issue with leaving them is they cause pressure in your gums and can cause headaches and push your other teeth skew . Also, your toothbrush may not reach it properly and therefor it will eventually rot. If I were you, I'd have it pulled. There are no pros for keeping it.


  3 months ago
I had all mine out as one by one they started cheating problems I had a bad infection during lockdown and no dentist also if you have one out then eventually the top one moves down and hits the gum so it just better to have them removed.


  3 months ago
I'd say it depends on how old you are. If you're still relatively young (under,say, 45-50), might be best to have it removed. But if you're the wrong side of 50 like me (!) then I'd say it's pretty unlikely to emerge. That's what mine told me about five years ago - and he was absolutely right. It felt a bit sore-ish for quite a few months, but never actually emerged, has caused me no problems, and no longer hurts at all, just as he predicted :)
Best of luck with yours :)


  3 months ago
Only one lower removed, certainly not like tree roots on it, but self-contained and actually gripping my jaw inward like pincers. Very solid thing removed in one piece despite root infection in one corner. I keep it here for potential DNA reference :).


  3 months ago
I have all 4 wisdom teeth and have never had any problems with them but then again I have never had a filling either or any form of toothache.


  3 months ago
Ditto i have to go the end of Oct ...... i was told two years waiting on NHS which i get with the backlog of covid
or pay half and go private to a place ten miles away which i am doing same thing as you stated
they had special equipment to get the tooth and root out easier. they told me in private places ...i said sign me up !
as after getting a tooth out a few years ago went horribly wrong ie broke in pieces and she trailed one broken bit out at a time ......i dread this but that sounded easier .... .roots of teeth grow on a wisdom tooth like a root of a tree ie side ways they also told me ......good luck !!:)
but im thinking we are in for a rough time of it :)


  3 months ago
Good evening; do you qualify for having a "Wisdom Tooth" ?
Mine have been removed and with them went all my wisdom !!!


  3 months ago
Mine were taken out about 15 years ago!


  3 months ago
Wait and see.


  3 months ago
Sorry, but we can only presume we were not intelligent enough to have wisdom teeth. No problems so far (we are ages 74 and 66). Plenty of other dental problems over the years though.
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