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  1 month ago

Deceased People Still On Facebook

It's probably not something a lot of us have even thought about ....
but have you expressed your wishes with someone about what happens to your facebook profile if you become deceased?

For many people, Facebook has become an extension of someone's life. There are memories, photo's, things and groups they are passionate about - you can literally almost get to know someone just from their facebook profile.

I have never discussed what to do about my facebook profile in my death and I do have a couple of friends that are deceased - still 'on' facebook. Immediately following the deaths, it was a nice place to go to read the many tributaries and shared memories everyone had.
I think it would be really hard for a family member to just delete and close it though. I haven't even been able to bring myself to be able to 'unfriend' the person.

Have you thought about it?
Do you have friends that are deceased yet still on your friends list?


  1 month ago
There are ways, but your friends or family would have to know how to do it, and actively do it...but I have a friend who died around 10 years ago now, and it still tells me to wish him a happy birthday every time it rolls around...which is really hard to see...they need to figure out a better way to deal with it for sure. Reply


  1 month ago
There are notes in "Settings" that tell you how to leave instructions for it. I had a few friends pass away, and I'd visit once in awhile, birthdays, holidays. I deleted that account, though, so bo re-friending them. Reply


  1 month ago
I had my Dad's Login and Password and I was able, after a period of time, to delete his account. It was a difficult thing to do but it prevents any hacking of this account and anyone who knew my Dad knew he had passed away. Reply

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