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  1 month ago

Do You Ignore Phone Calls If You Don't Recognize The Number?

A person who went missing during a hike last week in Colorado ignored multiple phone calls from search and rescue because he didn’t recognize the phone number.

Search and Rescue had received a call about a hiker that had not returned when he was expected to, so they tried multiple times to reach the hiker on their cell phone, but received no response.

Fearing for the hiker’s safety, they sent out a team to search. After more than 12 hrs, the hiker they were searching for was located safe and sound and had returned to their place of lodging.

Turns out he had no idea anyone had even been looking or him and says he didn't answer his phone cause he didn't recognize the number.

I'm guilty! Most times, I do ignore the number if I don't know who the call is from. I think though if I had received multiple calls from the same number, I'd probably answer out of curiosity and thinking it must be an important call even if it were a wrong number.


  1 month ago
I sometimes do, if I see an unknown number and I am not expecting a call. Reply


  1 month ago
I almost did yesterday. I had a service visit scheduled with Bell. The call I almost didn't answer was an hour prior to the scheduled visit and it was a Montreal number. Bell is bringing in service technicians from Quebec. They should be advising us that the number will be a Montreal number. If I hadn't answered, I would have missed my service call. Reply


  1 month ago
All the time, consistently leaving messages from Canadian border services - locations from small towns Reply


  1 month ago
of course! lol sometimes i dont answer even if i do know who it is Reply


  1 month ago
Oh man! That story makes me feel like I should always answer now! I'm glad that story had a happy ending, but I am totally guilty of not answering when I don't recognize the number! I just don't like talking to people, what can I say :P It's just that telemarketers have totally ruined phonecalls for people, which I feel like is the number one reason we don't pick up when we don't know the number. We don't want to be reeled into a phone call where someone is trying to sell us something we don't want. But I will say, there is a time and a place. If I am at home and don't answer, that's fine. If I'm hiking alone in some remote area, I'd probably answer just because you never know. Someone could be trying to warn me of something. Also though, did this hiker not have voicemail? I don't think too much about not answering my phone because I feel like if it's important, the person can always leave me a message... Reply


  1 month ago
Yes, I usually do ignore, but if I was lost I would answer and try to get help from anyone on the other end. Reply

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