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  1 month ago

Its that time again people !

Halloween of course !: :
( ah the groans i hear them from here ,
Sure half of you d go well in a parade ...with no makeup on i may add ! ...( wee Irish joke there :)

over the next few days ( 4) i have looked a spook fest for you squad till Monday morning !
Tales from Ireland / NI
And our Scottish Celt friends are in the mix , you love it as much and are as bad us it seems !

Tales from far of lands i have to ,
who equally love this time , from as far away as Japan and India no less!

easy food tips for a party ,

makeup tips that can be done in a few mins !
especially for the wee ones you know !

There maybe even a ghost
story for them to !

Singing and dancing will be put up ,
and a bit of poetry !
and a scary ghostly tale or two of course !!!! i will leave to Sunday !

All thumbs up , so you can take it or leave it:)

But i know you will watch , won't ya ???
as if you don't !!!!!
do at your own peril my friends ,
As a hex will reign on you you Irish style ...
ya wouldn't want that now
Would ya ! and hiss to the lot of you :)


  1 month ago
It has kicked off already Geri, there are loads of tourists, mainly American for some reason, in the city. Reply


  1 month ago
I don’t do Halloween so I wish you would take your mask off Geri - it’s frightening all the children! LOL! Reply


  1 month ago
Looking forward to more of your contributions Geri, please don't hex me. :-o xx Reply


  1 month ago
I enjoy it Geri - apart from the atom bomb fireworks lol ! Reply


  1 month ago
I won't be dressing up but I have lots of young friends and neighbours in the village who will be. I have stocked up on lots of sweet treats for all the little ones who will come knocking at my door - most of them can't reach the bell! lol :) Reply


  1 month ago
Is this why Ed is fleeing to Israel,one wonders how long before the Extinction Rebellion possees discover how much single use plastic tat churned out by the slave Uighurs in China is deployed for this event world wide? Reply

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