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  94 months ago

why do people drink so much alcohol?

i think people drink to enjoy themselves but then get carried away in the process and get absolutly leg-less, what y'all think?


  94 months ago
I think you're wrong. Most of the drinkers I know over here go out with the intention, from the beginning, to get so pissed that they virtually crap their trousers. They don't care, if they aren't puking all over themselves and everyone around them they haven't had enough to drink. I really can't wait until all these young boozers find their livers packing up and have to realize that it won't be cancer that kills them, it's going to be lack of liver transplants.


  94 months ago
At lot of youngsters nowadays drink themselves stupid every weekend and for what reason? OK we are all young once but most of dont get hammered. I enjoy a drink but do not drink like what I used to, I think family life has changed that. Most youngsters are just trying to keep up with their friends and look big but do not consider the risks they are putting themselves in both short term ie hangovers and being sick for example to long term ie liver disease.
A better education and advice over alcohol might discourage people from drinking themselves into oblivion and be able to drink sensibly. I have seen it firsthand what damage alcohol does to people and their family and friends. Britain has become a lot worse lately ie over the past 20 years but the drinking laws do not help.


  94 months ago
I think most young people who get legless every night,are so bored with their lives it makes them feel HARD and AGGRESIVE, I see it all the time in our village around the local corner shops it's a shame,but the way things are today it's the norm.


  94 months ago
Most people have a drink because they enjoy it..It does not cause problems at home or elsewhere for 99% of drinkers.


  94 months ago
Some people drink so much alcohol it makes them angry and can do harm to other people. If they drink to much whilst they are at home it can cause trouble between partnerships.


  94 months ago
I think people drink so much alcohol because they are unhappy and want to cheer themselves up. Alcohol gives a quick buz in order to make themselves not feel so depressed.

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