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  91 months ago

Is treating your pet like a human normal or do some people just go overboard?

I think that I might fall into the category of going overboard just a little. I catch myself spoiling my 4 inside dogs like crazie. I give them lots of treats. Every year for christmas they get a stocking full of brand new toys and a bag of their favorite treat. They basically have the run of the house. They sleep in their own room. They get to play outside whenever they want, I have a big fenced in yard so it's safe too. They don't get table scrapes though so I don't think i'm to far out there. What I believe is that our pets depend on us to take care of them and really there's no reason why we shouldn't. (even if it means spending a few dollars on them).


  90 months ago
We have a cat and he is spoiled, too. He has the run of the house, except at night. Otherwise he would wake us up all night, jumping in bed with us, etc.
He gets treats. He had a problem in Aug. that cost us over $725. The vet put him on a raw chicken (or rabbit) diet. He is suppose to lose 5 lbs, too. She said not to give him grains. He gets a packaged cat treat every night when he goes to his room for the night.


  91 months ago
What's wrong with trating a dog or cat like a family member. They are unending love, protection with a dog and a lot of love. A lot of joy, I love my dog, she loves me and entertains me. Keeps me company and snuggles up to me.


  91 months ago
I am guilty of once treating my dog better than people. I have learned my lesson and although I have 2 dogs now, I never treat them better than those I love. I would def. have to say treating your pet like a human is going overboard.


  91 months ago
I would rather see people spoiling their pets than mistreating them or ignoring them. I have neighbors that do this and it disturbs me to see how they ignore them. Some just leave them to themselves when they go on vacation. Barely leaving food & water for them. Others kick & hit them to make them behave. I would never leave my cats unless there was someone here to take care of them & feed them. I spoil them but I give them a lot of time & attention. They were orphaned cats on their own in my neighborhood & lived off scraps, mice, lizards, bugs,and rats and were killing all the mice in my backyard until I finally gave them a place to live, food to eat and a warm bed for the winter in my garage. We were once over-run with rats & mice in our house but now I have been mouse-free ever since! If you treat them w/kindness & dignity there is nothing they won't do for you!


  91 months ago
Although many animals are more sentient than humans, I do find that some folks are ridiculous when it comes to treating their pet above their spouse or family memebers


  91 months ago
Mabe, just a little, but then I spoiled my kids too when they were growing up. Now that my kids are on thier own with thier own kids, I guess I just spoil my four buddies even more. But they return the love, and companionship unconditionally so it is well worth it to me.


  91 months ago
I think people have the tendency to go overboard sometimes with there pets. Don't get me wrong cause I love pets just as much as the next person, but I don't have them in my bed, on my furniture, or on my counter top in the kitchen. Treating them like kids is ok but letting them run my house isn't.


  91 months ago
I have been told I was over board. I do not have any kids though. I talk to my dog like he is a kid or like I was talking to my self. I will be like Oh no Logi mommy dropped the food. lol things like that. My dog is so smart though it makes me feel like he is human the way he responds to things. I think people underestamate dogs


  91 months ago
There are some people that go overboard by dressing their pets in clothing everday and taking them evrywhere that they go. i used to just mostly spoil my pets.


  91 months ago
I once went overboard but when the dog started practically telling me what to do, I ended it there. I became Pack Leader like Cesar Millan and now I dont have any behavior problems. After all, its My house!
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