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  88 months ago

Are Kindle e-readers worth buying?

I have been thinking of buying an e-reader and everyone seems to say that the Kindle is best. What do you think?


  88 months ago
I purchased a Sony eReader and am very happy with it. After much research I con do more with the Sony than the Kindle. The Sony I can download books from the library and am able to purchase books from more venues that just Amazon. It's all a matter of what your preferences are.

Fire Blade

  88 months ago
They seem to be getting more and more popular and there are always free books available , but I prefer a real Book cheers


  88 months ago
I don't know what the best one is, but I too have been thinking about getting one.. and if I did, I think I'd go for the Kindle too.. although, I read a lot of unhappy reviews about it malfunctioning (which put me off) For now I'm going to stick with books or just reading pdfs on the laptop.


  88 months ago
Kindle is the best out of all of them, but i would wait until they go down in price !!


  88 months ago
i was going to buy one of these with amazon vouchers at the end of last year. it seemed like a win win as it means you don't have to store loads of books, which i have lots of already and the ebooks were priced cheaper than the hard copies. When i then looked into again when they were back in stock the price of the ebooks had increased considerably due to what i think was the publishers. To me it then lost its value as if its wasn't much more to buy the ebook then i'd do it but all the books i would buy had increased by a considerable amount, i mean you'd expect them to be cheaper as theres no paper or postage so out of principle i decided not to. If it wasn't for the ebook increase though i would definetely have one as anything to save space is a great idea and would opt for the kindle myself


  88 months ago
I have had mine for about four months now and is well worth the money. An increasing number of ebooks is available. If buying makew sure you get the 3G version - this allows downloads in any part of the world without any network charges.

ell o

  88 months ago
I bought my husband on pre Christmas and he loves it, I don't think I wold ever bother as I like my books too much. Having said that I downloaded Kindle for the PC and read a few books on my wide screen laptop which is very good. So I have the choice of book or screen.


  88 months ago
Sorry, I think it's a terrible waste of money and an awful way to read. Nothing would ever induce me or my children to substitute this for the pleasure of real books !


  88 months ago
I looked into kindle too, it wasn't the machine that stopped me it was the cost of the books! I'ii stick to the traditional method and library.


  88 months ago
I cannot tell you yet if they are worth buying, but I am definitely getting one in the next few weeks when I have enough vouchers. I have heard a lot of excellent reviews about Kindle, but I have also heard a few people moan about it, but that isn't going to put me off.
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