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  88 months ago

What do you know about the disability benefits system?

I have just read a long article, on Google news, from the Guardian on 23rd February. Although you cannot believe everything you read in newspapers (very little actually!) the disability benefits system sounds a complete and utter farce. I am lucky enough to have no personal experience of it. Do you?


  88 months ago
I am also lucky enough not to have experience of it, but it does sound like a mess.


  88 months ago
I am on Employment and Support Allowance which is supposed to be a Disability benefit. Claimants are divided into 2 groups, one work related and the other the support group.The support group usually consists of people who will never get better or who cannot do vital things by themselves. Unfortunately, the work related group comprises those with invisible illnesses like myself ( I have M.E), many people with MS, fibromyalgia and even cancer. So far many mistakes have been made as regards the work related claimants. The medical tests are much more stringent than they were ( which is fair enough) but there are people being told they can work even though they cannot. So there are many appealing and out of those 40% are successful. Now that tells you something doesn't it?
All those on Incapacity Benefit, the precursor to ESA, will be retested from April this year and at more regular intervals which is also fair unless you are severely disabled. Pilot retesting has already started in a few areas and my area is one of them - Burnley. Already they have put one third of Incapacity Benefit claimants onto Jobseeker's as they have been found fit for work. My interpretation of that is that there will have been a few mistakes but also that certain long term claimants had got better and not advised the DWP_ about their healthy situation. It is a nightmare situation especially when you are claiming for the first time. The form you have to fill in is like 2 of the old ones and you have 2 medical assessments/appointments. Very taxing if you are ill. Also, the form is very difficult to fill in in that there are no questions relating to weakness and fluctuating energy levels. I just hope I get better soon because I face this stress every autumn.


  88 months ago
my son has a hidden disability, he is autistic, the benefits system is a minefield, my partner is also disabled and unable to work. so i have alot of experience of the benefits system.


  88 months ago
We've been on benefits since my husband's brain tumour, and anyone dealing with him can see his disability, it's hard to miss. But it's a minefield, we struggle, and I have no idea how so many fiddle so much to have such a great time on benefits while we can barely manage. And when my husband hit 65, they cut our money by £300 a month! Now it's really hard.


  88 months ago
I dont really know anything about the disability benefits system as I have never claimed it or any other benefits really, I would imagine that its getting harder to claim anything these ays

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