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58 months ago

Do you think stripping your child naked and spanking him in the streets is a good punishment and do you do that.

I think it is a great punishment it has never happened to me but i think that is a good punishment

marie bond

  52 months ago
No i don't think it is a good punishment, i think spanking a child in the streets is aweful and no i do not do that if my child is acting up in public i deal with it at home away from other people, i usually put my child on the stairs for five mintues away from others, and in public i talk firmly to my children about what they did wrong, i feel like talking to them and telling them what they did wrong is best


  52 months ago
i think it's not the right thing to do when a child did something wrong.. because you will not just hurt the child physically, but also mentally &emotionally.. it would be a shame to your child and for you if you will do something like this in public.. you can just talk seriously to your child or you can ground him or take away his priviledge from using cellphone or television &etc.. i think it's the appropriate punishment to dicipline the child.


  52 months ago
Well I don't believe and spanking outside the home. But inside your home is fine. My parents used to spank us, and we turned out fine. As long as you tell your children you love them still. I think there is nothing wrong with doing it if its not done in anger.If you do it in anger then its not right. Make sure when you do spank your children they understand why you are spanking them. Always tell them you love them ,thats why you don't like being lied to .

  53 months ago
I don't bvelieve in physical punishment so this to me is an abuse of power that will scar the child's life should this type of behaviour continue by the parent. This type of abuse could lead to having the child away by the authorities.


  54 months ago
I think that is abuse actually. Im a mother myself and I never needed to pull my daughters pants down to spank her in public to make her realize she was wrong with the way she was acting . I do condone spanking but not extra forced spanking that is for sure . a swat on the ass once awhile is fine but depends how bad the child is outta control. I dont need to spank my child i usually send her to her room or tell her shes going home and she stops .


  54 months ago
What does the stripping down accomplish? That's just weird, in my opinion. Spanking's OK.


  54 months ago
Hell no. Everyone should have the right to privacy of their own body, even children. Perhaps, especially children, given their lack of power in every relationship they have. When the person has no functional ability to stop it from happening, there should be more protections against people abusing that situation.
Stripping a kid naked in public is nothing short of sexual abuse. If a parent is the one who does this, it is wholescale rape of the parent-child bond and, in my opinion, reason enough to involve Child Welfare and get the kid out of that home.
Sick, repulsive, dangerous, cruel, heartless, and abusive.


  54 months ago
spanking is a good punishment when deserved, public humiliation is also a good punishment but not together. parents need to realize that they should not be "friends" with their child, they should be a provider and a care giver and a role player n that childs life, if the child ends up being friends with you then great but parents need to wuit being such good friends with their kids and start being parents. my mom and dad may never have been my friends but i respected them and i respected the fact they did what they though was right not what was popular, and now that i have three children of my own i realize just how right they were!


  55 months ago
I think a parent that did this should be removed from the child. A spanking is one thing a naked public display is another. Children do have rights too. Being humiliated and spanked naked in public goes beyond a normal punishment and the parent would then need to be really punished for doing it. I am a parent and at times my son drives me to the brink of madness and I would still never do this to him. I actually think a persons mind would have to be warped to do this to a child. Sorry it's just my opinion.


  58 months ago
I personally think that it is wrong to do so because the child would just feel embarrassed. A parent should explain to the child rather than spanking, especially in public. Also, if a child was naked in public im sure it would just look horrible on the parent as well and to go that far in embarrassing your child is very wrong. It is definitely not a good punishment and the child would just be more and more scared of the parent and it may torture them. A child is just starting to develop and understand the world, and they should not be scared of their parent. Overall, the parent should think of other ways to discipline their children.

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