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68 months ago

Drug testing mandatory in schools..

In today's society more and more kids are experimenting with drugs and turing down the road world. Do you think if drug testing should be required in high school? If so do you believe the drug tests should be done randomly? Or do you believe its not a good idea and why

Hey whats up

  67 months ago
When school starts back this year.. I will be a freshman in high school. And, I think that if they are going to do drug tests it should be a post summer thing, or done on a random school day.I used too have a friend that was sooo bossy, nosy, and such a dread to be around, and she cussed, but she didn't do drugs. ( I didn't want to be friends with her I just couldn't get rid of her, she was my neighbor) Anyways I found out ( by her to, she told me) that one Friday Night, she snook out of her house and went over to a different neighbors house and that this guy was all over her ( but the neighbor that lived in that house said that she was all over the guy) and that she got hight off of weed with that group of teenagers. After this I refused to hang out with her.. I tried telling her that I didn't want to be friends but she wouldn't listen. I honestly didn't want a single thing to do with her- I wanted to punch her in the face. Then after she moved away from our neighborhood, I found out that she stole from me, and she still owes me money from when I lent it to her in Febuary. I don't like her, I never did, and Im happy she moved.


  68 months ago
In the sports arena I can see it, but the general population shouldn't have that over their heads. They have enough problems as it is!


  68 months ago
I dont think its a good idea.. its none of there bussiness. if they feel they are on drugs ignore it until it gets out of hand and then you can send the child home. i memeber when i was in school if you put your head on the desk they said you were on drugs or if u feel sleep they said you were on drugs and they drug tested you right then and there. its so uncalled for. i hate the school systems these days they are becoming more stupid as the days go along.

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