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from Canada
Who am I? Have yet to figure that out. The stock answer is that I am a freelance writer/editor based in St. Catharines, Ont. Before that, I spent 18 years publishing my own magazine in the natural health industry. Avid gardener, reader of esoterica, history, interested in people, travel, good food & great wine, any topic that stimulates the mind and challenges me to explore. Toluna provides a great platform for communicating ideas. My mantra, "Live by what you trust, not by what you fear".


  • Tea Sampler Set
  • Food Processor
  • Spring Flower Bouquet
  • Fitbit One
  • Apples to Apples
  • Yahtzee
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Thanks for the kind words about Bill post. i am very passionate about this bill, because anyone who decides to live in Canada should obey our rules and to some extent our customs. To come here and not obey rules regarding facial recognition is ignorant and disrespectful, same as if we went to a Muslim country and ignored their laws and customs. This why Canada has issues, because our gov't is allowing new residents to do whatever they want under the excuse of racism or hate. 1 hour ago


Hi Karin, that would be fun to participate in a game of quidditch. I don't know why i like HP so much, because i am a adult, but the books are written so well, and they are never boring. I did post on your horse hotel, and i said i didn;t want to rent a room next to the horse, because i might find a surprise outside my door in the morning. New pic, any suggestions, i do need your opinion on something, i have been on Toluna for a few months now and just redeemed for another $20 paypal reward, 2 in 4 months, so far.. I read some nasty reviews of the Toluna website, mostly from UK subscribers about them suspending their account out of the blue and not paying them rewards owed to them. how long have you've been on Toluna and have you experienced any problems with them? Have a excellent evening. 1 hour ago


Voted on the Battle: Ed Sullivan vs Mr Ed , the talking horse 1 hour ago


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