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from Canada
Who am I? Have yet to figure that out. The stock answer is that I am a freelance writer/editor based in St. Catharines, Ont. Before that, I spent 18 years publishing my own magazine in the natural health industry. Avid gardener, reader of esoterica, history, interested in people, travel, good food & great wine, any topic that stimulates the mind and challenges me to explore. Toluna provides a great platform for communicating ideas. My mantra, "Live by what you trust, not by what you fear".
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Voted on the thumb: "Cyber Attack on the US?" On Friday, the US... 9 hours ago


Created a new thumb it: "Cyber Attack on the US?" On Friday, the US... 9 hours ago


Created a new thumb it: "Would you eat a meal prepared by a robot chef?"... 9 hours ago


Yes the baby is flying alright. You did good! As for Ludwig Borchardt and his agreement I had no idea. Thank you for your information such a wise owl you are always. Well, I am not the one to tell if Nefertiti's bust is original or not. But I am left with my mouth open when you said that Ramses the 2nd had red hair? They have snake almost eyes and black hair, how on earth pheomelanin passed into their genes? Maybe Io .... {( Io escaped across the Ionian Sea to Egypt, where she was restored to human form by Zeus. There, she gave birth to Zeus's son Epaphus, and a daughter as well, Keroessa. She later married Egyptian king Telegonus. Their grandson, Danaos, eventually returned to Greece with his fifty daughters (the Danaids)} ....actually passed pheomelanin into the next generations. Io's mother was a daughter of the Titan Oceanos after all. So did they practice the religion of the horned virgin in Egypt? I would love to hear your word on this. ANd yes our marbles are stolen and all the world KNOWS. 1 day ago


Hello my Karin9 ! My poll showed 16 people that want Nefertiti's bust back in Egypt. Not many Tolunians are aware of the Elgin's Marbles. It was interesting to know. Hope your web pages are doing great and you ve got all bills covered by now. 2 days ago


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