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from Canada
It's time to look forward, not back- plan your garden, live your life- Happy days!


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oh also, (sorry crap I'm leaving a bunch of msgs) BLM is actually a social justice movement, it doesn't support any political party or ideas, it's about solving the issues of systemic racism...which the republicans never used to be specifically agianst...until they got a leader who emboldened white supremicy and defended nazi's openly. 3 hours ago


Hopefully that clears up my views? Sorry it's a crazy long blurb! lol I'm so sick of right wing media re-writing reality AS it's happening, and getting away with it. It's gross. 3 hours ago


I appreciate it, and I like you and you content and comments also ;) I try to be respectful, apologies if it doesn't seem that way! I just also get angry seeing the same misinformation over and over...I don't know how to explain thugs with signs, because I don't see that at BLM protests, I see the right wing media using footage from OTHER events and actual riots and pass it off as BLM protests...but basically they just want your tax dollars to go to reforming the police and the way they are trained so they stop acting disproportionately violently toward POC. The right constantly frames them as thugs and violent mobsters because it makes it okay to ignore their message that way. Also they've sort of been backed into a corner...they tried peaceful protest, that didn/t work, they tried taking a knee, respectfull, that didn't work...trump gasses peaceful protestors and his fans defend THAT, but black people marching too close to a gated community, and an angry white couple comes out brandishing guns and get heralded as heroes. It's just so hypocritical and backwards. I don't know what to tell you except that the violence is NOT on the left, because the BLM activists KNOW they would be instantly screwed if they did engage. Again, there's not much I can say if people want to believe the misinformation and blantant lies told by fox etc. (who are being sued btw FOR lying and putting so much dangerous misinformation out there...) I understand that people who have not had to LIVE through these experience tend to have trouble seeing the problem as severe as it is...but BLM if people were to go to the site, to read their mission statement and to talk or read about any of the activists involved, they would know that they are strictly anti-violent and explicitly tell everyone involved NOT to resort to violence, so that people will have to listen to their msg. but the right doesn't want to, so they brandish their guns, support extreme violence against anyone non-white, and say all BLM protestors are violent thugs. What if they had to talk about the issues? That would stop the protests. What if they promised some kind of positive changes? That would stop the protests. Instead they dismiss them as thugs. Again. I just think people should LISTEN to the experiences of these people, instead of disimissing them all as angry thugs who want to start trouble, and TELLING them they're wrong about what's happening. anyway, again I respect that people don't all share this opinion, but the facts are the facts, and it's really irritating to constantly see right wingers and conservatives describing them in this way...and yeetttt the trump supporters who rioted and stomed the capital and beat cops with american flags, crushed them between doors and bludgeoned a cop to death...they're just patriots who were angry! The cops were an awful lot nicer to those people who had guns and intended violence and chanted about hanging people....but black people with signs are "destroying cities"? Where? What city isnt' there anymore? Cause you can see the aftermath of files everywhere, offices trashed, literal sh*t on the walls left by the capitol rioters. And make sure the guy in the horn hat gets his vegan diet at the police station. I'm just saing there is VERY clear disparity, and maybe that should be the discussion, and not the way people are complaining about it. 3 hours ago


Voted on the thumb: R.I.P. - DMX. 19 hours ago


Voted on the thumb: Do you like kale salad? 19 hours ago


Voted on the thumb: Do you own a garberator? 19 hours ago


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