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REWARDS CENTREAll that hard work is paying off


Gift cards and other stuff 30,000-75,000 points
+ 4 more
Show all You can afford
$10 Gap Options Gift Card 30000 points
$10 iTunes® Gift Card 30000 points
$10 Indigo Gift Card 30000 points
$10 Facebook Gift Card 30000 points
$10 Starbucks Gift Card 30000 points Gift Certificate 45000 points
PayPal (available in $20 increments) 60000 points
$25 Spafinder Gift Card 75000 points
$25 Bass Pro Shops Gift Card 75000 points
$25 Best Buy Gift Card 75000 points
$25 iTunes® Gift Card 75000 points


Virtual gifts that can become real 100-250 points What are Gifties?

The Gifties program is Toluna's exclusive instant win game, where you can redeem a small number of points for the chance to win big! Each virtual Giftie represents a real item, that could be yours. Send a virtual Giftie to a friend, follower or even yourself, and then click to instantly reveal whether you win the prize! Gifties winners are chosen at random by computer generated drawing, and a Gifties purchase does not guarantee a win. By participating you agree to the Gifties Terms and Conditions.

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  • Google Chromecast

    Connect your mobile device to your tv to stream your favorite shows and movies
    Get it

    150 points
  • External Hard Drive

    This external hard drive has 1TB of space and cloud backup - guaranteed to keep your important files safe
    Get it

    150 points
  • $50 Canadian Tire Gift Card

    Here's a $50 Canadian Tire gift card to help you stay safe out on the roads
    Get it

    200 points
  • Yahtzee 100 points
    Monopoly Classic Edition 100 points
  • Compact Battery Charger 100 points
    Scrabble Deluxe Edition 100 points
  • 30-Day Shred 100 points
    Leaf Blower 150 points
  • Club Monaco Gift Card 150 points
    Grill Tool Set 150 points
  • Slow Cooker 150 points
    Sewing Machine 150 points
  • Leather Wallet by... 150 points
    Core Fitness Ball 150 points
  • Pyrex Bake N Store Set 150 points
    Cat Tree 150 points
  • Hide-A-Squirrel Dog Toy 150 points
    Hulu Plus - 6 mth... 150 points
  • Pedometer 150 points
    Dog Bed 150 points
  • Adidas Sports Headphones 150 points
    Cat Toy Set 150 points
  • Set of 3 Sleds 150 points
    Painting Set 150 points
  • Yoga Mat 150 points
    Ice Hockey Tickets 150 points
  • Pizza Stone Set 150 points
    Tim Horton's Gift Card 150 points
  • 10-pc Cookware Set 150 points
    Google Chromecast 150 points
  • Bluetooth Speaker 150 points
    Space Heater 150 points
  • Hiking Day Pack 150 points
    Automatic Pet Feeder 150 points
  • Kettlebell 150 points
    Dinnerware Set 150 points
  • Tabletop Grill 150 points
    First Aid Kit 150 points
  • LED Camping Lantern 150 points
    External Hard Drive 150 points
  • Sorry 2013 Edition 150 points
    Cake Decorating Kit 150 points
  • Trivial Pursuit 25th... 150 points
    Babies R' US e-Gift Card 150 points
  • Electric Blanket 150 points
    Birthday Cake 150 points
  • Wow HD Gift Card 150 points
    Kitchen Aid Hand Mixer 200 points
  • Sleeping Bag 200 points
    $50 Canadian Tire... 200 points
  • 4-Person Tent 200 points
    Balance Pods 200 points
  • GoFit Extreme Pro Gym 200 points
    Canadian Cancer... 200 points
  • Cuisinart Griddler 200 points
    $50 Winners Gift Card 200 points
  • $50 Bon Appetit Gift Card 200 points
    Bluetooth Headset 200 points
  • Canon Digital Camera 200 points
    Keurig Elite 250 points
  • Fitbit One 250 points
    Nutribullet 250 points
  • Indoor HDTV Antenna 250 points
    Hammock and Stand 250 points
  • Barbell Set 250 points
    Amazon Kindle 250 points
64 Gifties available


mjcat020 01/01/2015 Won December 2014 Sweepstakes
KathrynAnz 01/01/2015 Won December 2014 Sweepstakes
jsword25 01/01/2015 Won December 2014 Sweepstakes
Sweepstakes Gifties View all winners
mjcat020 01/01/2015 Won December 2014 Sweepstakes
KathrynAnz 01/01/2015 Won December 2014 Sweepstakes
jsword25 01/01/2015 Won December 2014 Sweepstakes
E-Universe W... 01/01/2015 Won December 2014 Sweepstakes
etherlost80 01/01/2015 Won December 2014 Sweepstakes
xrey67 01/12/2014 Won November 2014 Sweepstakes

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